I Know How This Is Going To End

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Bunny, Dec 11, 2011.

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    difficult child asked me if I would play some games on his Wii with his this weekend. Yesterday our neighbor's grandson came to play with him, so that kept him happy and busy all day (the grandson lives in Georgia and comes to visit over the summer for a month, so they spend alot of time together when he is here. He and his parents came up for a few days to visit and the kids spent most of the day bouncing between our house and theirs). I told him this morning that I would play with him today, but that we had to do it early because the Jets play at 1:00 pm and I was going to watch the game while I did some sewing in my room. He wasn't pleased that I wanted to watch the game and sew, but he said okay.

    It's now 11:45. Each time I ask him if he ready to play on the Wii his answer is "Later!" I can see how this is going to end. It's going to be 1:00 pm and I'm going to go set up my sewing machine and that is when he is going to come to me and say. "But you said you would play with me!!", at which point I will remind him that I was asking him for two hours if he was ready to play. These things usually do not end well.
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    i would have followed up the question with "BECAUSE we are running out of time." that way he would catch on to the fact that it was a limited time offer. i know how it is, mine do it too. my oldest freaked out at me because i told her she could have a new fish for her tank. she put it in her fish tank and a bigger fish tried to eat it, so i took it out and now it's in a bowl. now i am just aweful because she can not have the fish in her tank.....sigh. so i ask her if she would like me to put it back in. of course not. so i can put it in my tank. she doesn't want that either. sometimes you just can't win.
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    UMMMM, So how did it go??? smile and wink....

    edited update: do you have a time-timer? It is a visual timer that comes in a small, medium or large size.... when you set it a red patch shows and it ticks down. no loud sounds to disrupt the child...they just see hte red getting smaller. There are other visual timers too....might be a help in these situations.
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    Just before noon I told him that if we were going to play we needed to do it now because I had other things to do. I looked at me and said that we were not going to have time to play on the Wii today because he was playing with easy child. Fine. I went about my business.

    Fast forward to about 5:30 pm as I'm trying to get dinner on the table. He comes into the kitchen and asks if I will play Wii with him after dinner and that he could not play earlier because he was playing with easy child and they don't get to play together that often. Ummmm....I told him that the two of them play together every day and that I would not play Wii with him now. I still was not finished with the sewing that I needed (wanted) to do and he still had homework to get through, one part of which is an essay that he wants me to look over as he's writing it. And he needs to take a shower.

    So, while there has not been any explosions about it (yet), he was not pleased that I told him no and made me aware of the fact that he was not pleased..