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    This probably isn't really something to post here, but I always know this is where I can come when I feel anxious about anything, and there will be people here who understand.

    My easy child daughter has two proms next week, that have cost me a small fortunate. Friday night is her boyfriend's and Saturday night is hers. Well they get in an arguement on Wednesday and she decides NOW they need to take a little break. She swears they are fine and will be going to the prom together, but I just can't wait until next week to see it for myself.

    I know I shouldn't worry so much about the money, but proms these days are equivalent, at least it seems this way to me, to planning weddings, between the dresses, the shoes, the limo, the tickets, the hair and make-up, nails, jewelry to go with the dress, etc. YIKES!! I just hope if she ends up no longer with him next week, she's planning on going to hers with a few girlfriends!! Believe me I would never want her to continue dating someone who she's not happy with, but lets just get through the prom, then you can take as much of a break as you want :smile:
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    My easy child dtrs prom was last week. Her and her boyfriend have been together 18 months. (they are junoirs in HS)
    OMG, I cannot believe the costs associated with prom! (My difficult child did not get to go- the Special Education kids were not allowed)

    My easy child paid for everything herself- and it sure did add up fast! A week before prom, her boyfriend got a one day suspension- someone said they saw him smoking.......he was not caught smoking....and if you have ANY suspensions or detentions at all the year OF prom, you cannot go---- and if you have 2 at any time during HS you cannot go----so- it was thought he would not be able to go. My easy child spent more than $500 towards prom, money she made as a checker at grocery. SHe did decide if he could not go, she was going anyway. She teamed up with a few friends- and they all went as a group- and PCs boyfriend did get to go, as well, becuz dean did say he had not been "caught" smoking or with cigs etc.........but it was a hairy scary few days.

    Turns ouut a LOT of kids go without a date. At least they do here.
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    I know there are quite a few of her friends going stag, but she and her boyfriend picked her dress out together and his tux. so I know she would probably be devestated to be going by herself. Hopefully by this weekend they will be back in love and I won't have to worry about it. Tomorrow is their 6 months anniversary, oh brother!!!, so I'm sure I'll know by tomorrow whether they are celebrating it or not, should tell me what may go on next week. They have celebrated every month so far!! Dating is worse then being married these days :smile:
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    Do you still have the receipts?? If your daughter doesn't go all of that expensive stuff would be going back to the retailers if it were me. You're right, the cost is outragious.

    Which is why if my girls wanted to go they had to foot the bill. easy child worked and paid the expense of 2 proms. She held onto her dresses. N started going to proms in her freshman year. She had no job, but the same rule applied. I hadn't paid for easy child's and I wasn't footing the bill for hers. So N borrowed a beautiful dress from a girl at school who had bought TWO because she couldn't decide which one she wanted! easy child had dress shoes she could borrow and she had her hair done at home. The next yr she borrowed one of easy child's dresses. And last yr she was big pregnant. lol This year she wasn't interested at all. (thank God)

    At Aubrey's birthday party the family of b/f was discussing the finances of b/f's brothers upcoming wedding. Now b/f's brother is a stock broker, his bride to be is a stock broker. But the families are paying the bills for an extravagant wedding. :smile: I started laughing and told N not to get any ideas. My philosophy is if you can't afford to pay for your own wedding, you have no business getting married. :rofl:
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    Everything could be returned, but the dress, which of course was the most expensive thing. Where she brought the dress, there was a 14 day return policy. We had to buy it a while ago, because it had to be altered, which is another reason she couldn't return it. And of course, the tickets aren't returnable. I'm sure the mother would give her the limo money back, maybe?? Probably all depends on if they paid it up front and couldn't find anyone to take her place.

    I shouldn't be getting so anxious because they are supposed to see each other tomorrow for their 6 month anniversary. She said they were just taking a few day break and not to worry about it, but for some reason my gut is telling me something is going to happen between now and then.

    I know my gut was always right when it came to difficult child, but are easy child gut instincts different???
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    I dunno Karen. My gut instincts seem to work the same for all my kids. lol

    Maybe both kids are smart enough to at least get thru prom before breaking up. Keeping fingers crossed all that money wasn't spent for nothing.

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    I'll let you all know if the big 6 month anniversary goes well tomorrow. That will tell me more.

    I don't remember celebrating every month I dated my husband. Oh brother!!!!