I learned today that my job with adults- is no different then high school

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    I know that I am new here, and I really don't want to complain alot. But I really need to get this off my chest, and well I am sure some of you here can understand.
    Let me start with explaining my job- I am a customer service speicilist- which means basically that I am a "lead" not a rep, not a supervisor, but I still take supervisor call's, and run the floor all the time. Before all of this started with difficult child, I was everyone go to person. I came in early, left late, worked any shifts that we couldn't get covered. Basically I was the model employee. Then difficult child behavior got worse, and the calls from the school started more and more. Then we got her diagnosis with ODD- and I got put on FLMA. I still give 110% when I am at work, but now when the school calls, or difficult child has appointment's- which she has once of twice a week I am able to leave. Once all this was in place was when my bosses really started nitpicking everything I do. So 2 months ago, I did no wrong, now I am lucky to make through 3 hours without one of them coming to me with something trivial or childish to complain about it. I think what it comes down too is that I am putting my family first, which is making both of them actually DO their jobs, which is not making them happy.
    Anyways, I posted last week about my totally BS write up that I got. This weekend is my weekend to work, and it's more layed back, so we have all been talking alot. And one of the girls I work with was like I think what they are doing to you is wrong. And I asked her what she was talking about. Apparently 3 or 4 people went and complained about me, knowing they were making up what they saying I did, just to get me in trouble, and now they are laughing about it and telling everyone that I got wrote up. What's even funnier about it, is these to me are all kids- between 19-22 that went and "got me in trouble" they have no idea what I am dealing with at home, no idea what it's like to have to pay bills, and they are mad because one of their own got a legit write up- by me.
    Now I don't know what to do, because my first response is to go to my bosses and say look this is what I am hearing, and I think that its wrong. Or go over their heads, and go to our GM or HR. But if I do that then that's going to give the two of them even more reason to make my life at work even harder. I am just so upset that this is even allowed to go on.

    Any thoughts?
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    ((((HUGS)))) Wish I could help, but this is the reason I don't have a 'real job" I am unable to put up with this kind of insanity. Yes, it is very 'high school'.
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    Thanks :) I am starting to think I may not have a "real Job" for much longer, and not sure that I am to upset about it either...lol I really don't need to extra stress right now!!
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    Would you trust your HR person about putting it on record that they're doing this as a retaliatory act? Do you have any way to get proof or would HR or GM be willing to set up a way to get that proof?
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    I really don't know, our HR person here local is kinda clueless- she's super sweet and all, but for anything major you have to call our corp office basically. And our GM is wishy washy, last time we went and talked to him he said that he wasn't going to say anything, and then went and told what we were complaining about to our bosses that we were complaining about.
    It's just drama at it's finest I guess. I really almost wish they would let me go, because this stress is alot on top of everything at home.
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    Geez, I really wish I could give you a "sage" answer but...I decided in 1974 that I would never have a boss again. The stress of having someone else dictate my life became unbearable...once I had a full fledged difficult child. Can't say my choice is one that I would recommend...sigh. on the other hand I didn't "have to" let others dictate my choices. Hugs DDD
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    If speaking with your local hr person has been ineffective in the past, it is just for to go to the next level.

    Before you make contact on the corporate level, however, create a timeline documenting the recent events - with dates, etc., beginning with your initial complaint about that person and leading up to the most recent complaints against you as retaliation be that person...as told to you by your coworker.

    Would coworker back you up if asked about this? Do you have documentation showing that up until recently you were the go to person, always got good reviews, and have been a responsible employee. If so, include that in your documentation.

    What you are essentially doing is making a case for yourself, protecting your position. This is serious. It's important that you gather this information and document it now while you're there so , in the event that they let you go, you can file for not only unemployment but perhaps a wrongful termination suit. And when presented with their copy of your documented evidence, believe me, the higher ups will take it seriously because they will realize they're not dealing with an overage adolescent. Get your papers in order and fight. Sending lots of strength!

    *Just wanted to add that I am in HR.
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    Thank You!! Yeah, I have never gotten a bad review or anything, everything has always been great. Now since I am on FMLA and have to focus on my family, they are actually having to do their job's- which they have never done correctly, and put ALOT of work off on me, they are both mad as hornets about it.
    I have always worked days, since day one here (and I have been here almost 3 years)- and I have the most seniority of the 2 people that also do the same job as me, and now they are talking about making the 3 of rotate shifts, knowing that I can not close at night 1-10 with my kids- esp now with what I am dealing with difficult child. They won't let me "demote" to a regular customer service rep- where I would also have the most seniority- and could work 6am-3pm Monday- Friday. It's like they are trying to make things as difficult as possible for me. I really don't think our corp office has a clue of what is going on- since they are 4 hours away. I feel like the whole rotating shifts, is them retailing against me because of FMLA. We have never done them before, and now all of a sudden they want to do them.
    I am going to start working on a timeline tonight- Thank you so so much for the advice!!
  9. hearts and roses

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    **I just want to say I'm sorry about all my crappy typos! I have such a difficult time typing on iPad!

    It would be illegal to fire you over the use of the fmla. I agree that it sounds like they are rearranging things to make you quit. Incidentally, even if you're unable to find a schedule that works for you and you're left with no alternative but to end employment with you, you will still be eligible for unemployment. Iow, firing is not the only requisite to collect if you can prove that they messed with your schedule, knew about your at home hardships and didn't work with you...especially in light of the fact that you were taking advantage of the fmla.

    You just need to let the right people know you're no fool and know your rights. Also, you can contact your state's department of labor and find out more. Best of luck. I read your earlier post last week and found your situation to be vey interesting. I will be waiting to see how things turn out.
  10. susiestar

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    Document EVERYTHING. A paper trail is what you will need and H&R's advice is exactly correct.

    I have worked in a lot of call centers and have run into similar thigns quite often. FWIW, I ran across an article about legit work at home jobs and cust svc rep jobs for virtual call centers are one of them.

    I will try to find the article for you that had all the info with other sites, etc...

    I hope that you can establish a pattern of inappropriate behavior and get people to leave you alone. I hope the person who told you about the complaints is willing to be honest about it. It stinks that they can't understand the problems at home and work with you rather than to antagonize you.

    One of the KEYS to handling the documentation of the situation is to keep emotion out of it. State the facts, company rules/policies that are/were violated with as much detail as possible, and don't go into your feelings. Be sure to READ FMLA, not just what is in the company handbook about it, and put those things into the documentation where appropriate.

    Remember that this is a BUSINESS report and NOT a personal letter to a friend, and that you are NOT the 19-22yo and ARE a businesswoman who wants to protect her rights.It might be helpful to have someone proofread your documentation BEFORE you file the complaint. Maybe PM it to someone here or ask a friend who does not work with you and has business sense that you trust.
  11. Nikki88

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    I can't thank you enough for all your advice. This is just horrible to have to deal with, esp coming from people that are suppose to be "friends". I am am pretty trusting, and sensitive person, and I am taking the personal out of this and making sure that I am protected. We really can not afford for me to lose my job right now. But I know that I am sitting in her in almost full panic, and about to call my Dr so that they can write me something for it, just because I am so on edge about even having to be here right now.
  12. Nikki88

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    Thank you so much :) I am working on it right now. It's really hard for me to keep feelings out it, because these are people that I have been really close too, and honestly I am crushed that they would even do this to me with all I have going on at home.
    I am going to check out that site when I get home!!
  13. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    Gosh do you work for GoodWill?

    I'd start looking for a new job - keep doing my job, watch my back, document things and get out. Sounds like a problem you really don't need to figure out.
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    That's what I am doing, but I am starting to think that maybe my higher up's need a diagnosis and something- cause today is a fantastic day...lol