I let them have it with barrels loaded!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Andy, Oct 12, 2008.

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    Our church is struggling financially and so is our school. Our school had some stock that was proposed to be cashed in to be able to pay our teachers full time this year. The congregation (led by a few people) decided last Spring that the school was not allowed to hold the stock, that it should be held by the church. I was at that council meeting and stated that the money belongs to the school and must be used for school expenses. "Yes, of course it will be." But I saw the writing on the wall and knew what was coming.

    The proposed school budget for this year from the school board was to use the profits of cashing in the stock to keep our teacher's salary at full time. That was denied by the congregation (encouraged by a few people). Our teachers must go to 75% and congregation support dropped from $90,000 to $30,000. So, we can not use the stock in the "rainy day" it was meant for.

    I heard not too long ago that the school board was being summoned to the council meeting to be told that the church will be taking its savings (set aside for things like replacing computers, upkeep and expansion of the playground) to go toward the church's building fund debt. When the stock prices go back up, the church will be cashing that in and keeping the money! With no plans on paying it back to the school funds because, "This is church and school. The school doesn't need that padding." It is never "church and school" when the school is looking for support.

    So, with no school on Friday, I made the decision to go to the council meeting Thursday night. I let them have it and put many people off balance. What I had to say was not expected. I told them it was stealing and that they were punishing the school for being good stewards of their money. I went up against the incoming church president and refused to let them change my mind. It was a stalemate. I demanded that any decision on this be a congregational decision. (gee, I wonder where my kids get their demanding attitude? I would have made them proud!).

    I knew that what I had to say would cause trouble in the church but I really do believe that what they want to do is wrong because there are too many people wanting to close the school. In taking away our teachers salary, they are hurting the school. In not letting the school board decide how to use the school's resources, they are hurting the school.

    Then, the Board of Education is up in arms because there is only one teacher for PK - 6th grade. So, why is it o.k. for the congregation to tell the school they need to combine more grades while teaching curriculum to each of the six grades 1st - 6th but is demanding enough teachers per grade in the Sunday School hour when everyone has the same lesson each week?

    Anyway, I feel so good that I made my voice heard. When they couldn't make me come around to their way of dealing (stealing), I announced, "This is the time to let you know how I feel. Now you know." and left it at that.

    I had one school board member approach me this morning to thank me for my input. She said I did a good job (held my cool) and she didn't feel she had to say much more. She was also surprised that I stepped up and said what needed to be said. She said, "I kept thinking, you go girl!"
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    Way to go, Warrior Mom.

    Andy, I truly believe that the battles we fight with our difficult children and for our difficult children make us formidable when we have to fight battles in the rest of the world.

    Good for you, for speaking your piece and standing your ground.

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    Way To Go, Andy!!! That is so cool. Bravo.
    Our kids used to go to a private church/school and they imploded for similar reasons. The church board was micromanaging the school board and leaving the school board powerless. The church board fired the principal, who then started her own school ... and that's where my kids ended up (and where my difficult child is now). When life gives you lemons ... :)
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    Good for you for standing by your convictions! :thumbsup:
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    Go warrior mom. That is so great. It amazes me sometimes how people can't look at what makes perfect sense. Glad you called on what they are doing.

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    You go girl! :D

    Standing up for your convictions and what is right is a huge deal. Sadly, many people today don't have the courage to do what you did. And I bet you had many more supporters than you'll ever know, including the kids.

    I hope it causes them to rethink short changing the kids and the school.
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    Even if the decisions eventually do go against the school, you have the satisfaction of knowing that there is now no way they can claim to have made that decision in ignorance. Anyone making that decision is doing it in the full knowledge that they are taking money rightfully belonging to the school. At some point they will have to square it with their consciences and hopefully will make some recompense in some way to the school.

    Keep reminding them of the right thing to do.

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    Great Job!!! It really does feel good when you stand up for what you know is right, doesn't it? I hate to hear that the church is in essence stealing from the kids at the school. It would make it tough for me to keep my kids enrolled there.
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    Great job, oh warrior mom!
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    :warrior:Way To Go Andy!