I like new therapist!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by klmno, Sep 28, 2010.

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    At least I think I do- I didn't give her too much opportunity to talk because I was busy spilling out all my "stuff". LOL! But I really like that she let me talk and do this. I know it can't and won't always be that way, but I sure needed it lately. She had called me a few weeks ago and we talked a while on the phone about a brief background and she had gone thru notes written in my personal file at VA so that gave her some info to go on. She did let me know that she knew the Department of Juvenile Justice system and how the juv courts system works, etc, so it was nice to know she understood what I was talking about when referring to some of these battles with legal people over difficult child's issues. Being a VA therapist, I wasn't sure she would be familiar with this stuff.

    She said my stress level has been way too high dealing with all this the past four years, there were clear triggers for the PTSD symptoms to come back and she had no doubt that these were PTSD symptoms. Also, she said I was exhibiting an enormous amount of pain and hurt about difficult child and his current situation. (What diagnosis do you get for major heartache and broken mommy heart?)

    I'll try to let her talk more when I see her next week.
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    I'm happy it went so well. DDD
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    O this is good to hear!
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    That is great news, K! I'm happy for you.
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    Sounds promising!
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    Very good!
    Hey, you need to talk to give her background, anyway. Don't worry about it!

    (What diagnosis do you get for major heartache and broken mommy heart?)

    Good question. I guess it's just Broken Mommy Heart Syndrome. :(
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    I look forward to seeing her again next week. There's a big difference between a therapist who drops her jaw when you tell her that a GAL didn't advocate for following expert psychiatrists' recommendations and a therapist who just automatically responds with "well, I'm sure the GAL had a good reason because they are good and know what they are doing". But similar to dealing with various sds, if they don't have some experience ITRW, they just assume that the sd/GAL is always in the right.