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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Jody, Aug 12, 2011.

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    Okay, I was really dreaming last night/morning. I was dreaming I was in the midst of a terrible tornado. My brother who died had been outside riding his bicycle. I had grabbed my Aunt, My kids and the dog by the collar and slid down the steps to the basement just in time. 4 AM this morning a train comes by my house blowing it's whistle like I have never heard before. I never wake up to the train ever, until today. During my tornado dream I realized that in my real life the emergency/storm sirens were going off, NOT, I fly out of the bed, grab my sleeping golden retriever by the collar fling him off the bed, and proceed to the bathroom, then I realize it's the train. Back to bed giggling, while Broady looks at me crazily and stomps off to the security of his crate. LOL.
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    I have had very real dreams like that and reacted similarly. My worst one involved another person who was NOT able to laugh it off. Is Broady holding it against you today??
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    LOL I have dreams like that with my alarm clock ALL the time.

    The worst such reality dream is dreaming that you have woken up, walked to that bathroom and are using the facilities, but you are, in fact, STILL in bed. OY!
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    I hope not!!!! The way the conductor laid on the horn was like it was a siren, at least in my sleep. I have never heard them do that, I remember thinking in my half sleep state this is for real, because it went for such a long time. I wish I would have had it on tape. It would be funny to watch. If Broady is holding a grudge it's too bad. About a month ago we were sitting on the side yard and it had rained that day. He was on his leash and I was sitting in the chair, he jerks all of a sudden when he saw a rabbit, my chair goes half way up and gets stuck in the mud on one leg, then he jerks again, which dumped me on the ground. He's only 70 lbs but that dog pulled me on my stomach about 12 feet. I kept yelling at him to stop, which he didn't. I said sit and he did. I could imagine how funny I looked then. I could only laugh at myself because it was funny for anyone who was watching.
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    Keista, been there done that. NOT fun(ny).
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    I have done that also, once I actually got up out of bed and tried to fit myself in my daughter's highchair thinking it was the bathroom. Glad I woke up.
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    I haven't actually wet the bed in years, but DANG I've come close...
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    Same here. Unfortunately, son has been having 'that' dream lately - about once every two months. Poor kid.
  10. Hound dog

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    I once had such a vivid realistic dream that husband was doing something pretty awful.........Not only did I wake up......but as I'd been doing in the dream, I woke up to beating the snot outta him. :rofl:

    He didn't think it was so funny.

    on the other hand I've had dreams that were also so vivid and woke up and just stepped into what was going on in reality without missing a beat. Now that can be handy but it's also sort of weird.
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    Hubby still reminds me of the time I woke him up, by smacking him repeatedly, because he had stolen my newspaper and wouldn't give it back. He neglects to mention I was dreaming at the time...

    Don't mess with my San Francisco Chronicle. Ever.
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    That's why husband sleeps downstairs most of the time. I sleep walk. Once, before we were married, I shoved my foot under him for some reason, right in the manly sensitive area. I woke up to hearing him groan. He was a bit sore the next day. Poor guy! Hey - we still had two kids, so I didn't do any damage!

    I really do most of the strange things in my sleep when I'm stressed. I had a high-stress job for a while and I used to talk about it in my sleep a lot. husband used to get a kick out of it (come to think of it-he literally got kicked).
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    I want some.........:mornincoffee: