I lose faith in humanity.......and then.....

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  1. Hound dog

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    A poor rural family suffered a house fire overnight yesterday. House is a total loss, hardly anything standing. Due to the economy, Grandma had several generations living with her in that small house......trying to feed / pay bills she let the house insurance lapse because she couldn't afford to pay it. So it's really a total loss. :(

    Her sister, whom I happen to be facebook friends with posted about it right after she was able to get photos. The response from total strangers and neighbors has been amazing. Just simply warms my heart and gives me hope that there are still plenty of good hearted souls in the world.

    This family is crammed into a room in a local motel. They only had enough money in their pockets to stay until tomorrow. People have shown up all day to pay for their room in advance so they have a place to sleep. People have also shown up to give them gas cards so they can go visit badly burned family members hospitalized in Columbus.

    This family has lost absolutely everything except the clothes on their backs. Those who have heard the word have dug through closets and storage to find clothing in the right sizes. Once delivered, they will have decent clothes to wear. I can't help with cash but am taking personal hygiene items, laundry soap (they'll have to wash those clothes), and food from my stockpile if they have a way to prepare it. (I probably won't be the only one) Later will be the rounding up household items if they can find a permanent place to stay.

    I don't mind helping. Shoot, fire is my worst fear.

    We're hurting pretty darn bad in this area and still folks rally around someone in need and do whatever they can to help. After all the political mud slinging and crud over the past months.....I needed to see this right now, lemme tell you.
  2. TeDo

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    Yes, Hound, there is still some humanity left in this world. It's stories like this that keep giving me hope for the human race. Thanks for sharing.
  3. buddy

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    Very sorry for them. Yes that is beautiful.
  4. DammitJanet

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    So sorry for this family but it is things like this that makes me know that we are good people here in the US. Most people here do rally around people in true need. This is also why that woman in IL who faked having cancer need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law because they make things so hard on the real people who are in true need.
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    In most communities, people in general kind of know who is "genuine" and who is a problem and who they don't really know. And if you've got a reputation for doing what you can for yourself, and being a good citizen of the neighborhood, then... when the chips are down, others usually step up to help these situations.

    In a large city, with some component of transient population, and where neighbors "keep to themselves" more... it is harder to separate the "genuine" from the rest, because we don't really know anybody. And THAT is very sad.
  6. susiestar

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    I am so sorry for the family, and happy that the community is coming together to help them. This kind of thing reminds me of how truly caring most people are. If someone who knows them freecycles, they might be able to get some of the harder to find items. esp if that person can help store them for a month or two.
  7. hearts and roses

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    When a tragedy occurs in our small town, my heart is always warmed by the outpouring or cash, clothing, food, etc., from perfect strangers - for every family, good or not so good. What a lovely story, thanks for sharing!
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    I'm not sure if they've done it already (most of the time around here they show up during the actual disaster), but the Red Cross will help them out also. After we lost everything in a fire a little over four years ago the Red Cross put us up in a motel for 3 days and gave a visa prepaid card to pick up some clothes and food. It won't be much, but they can use it to buy prepared food (restaurant) And yes, it is wonderful that people will go out of their way to help people they don't actually know. I wrote a letter to the editor after the fire thanking everyone for their assistance and stating that their acts of kindness had changed my mind about people helping others.
  9. tiredmommy

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    I'm keeping this family in my prayers. Your town sounds like it is full of good people.
  10. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    The Red Cross did step in and pay for a room for a couple of nights ect. But that ran out today.

    I do live in an area full of nice down to earth folks overall. And Jo, you're right.........this family would've received help regardless of family background. Due to this tragic event, others who found themselves in similar circumstances have stepped forward and are "paying it forward" as well, and they also come from all backgrounds/income levels.

    We have another such movement I just found out about for a woman who has been down with a chronic illness and has lost nearly everything. Too proud to ask for help, someone let the cat out of the bag, and now the community is embracing the challenge to set her up with what she needs for decent daily living so she can concentrate on getting well.

    I'm glad I chose this small town in which to raise my kids. I'm glad that all but 2 of my grandkids are growing up here. I keep hoping Nichole and her husband come to their senses and move back, but they chose a small town much like this one, just close to the city.

    Neighborhoods *might* do this in a major city, but usually it doesn't make it much further than that due to the whole.......well, it's so BIG if you Know what I mean??

    I hope the burned family members make it. One is in critical condition, somehow managed to get severely burned from the waist up, which is not good. :(