I love a good bargain!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by JKF, Apr 20, 2013.

  1. JKF

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    I was out running some errands with the boys this morning and decided on a whim to stop at K-Mart. I rarely ever go there since it's out of the way and the Walmart is less than a mile from home.

    Boy am I glad I stopped there! They had racks upon racks of clearance items. I was able to get $200 worth of clothes (jeans and sweater for me, 3 really nice hoodies and 2 shirts for easy child/difficult child, 3 shirts for difficult child, and 2 shirts and some long johns for husband) all for just - ready??- $21! I got easy child/difficult child larger sizes and I'm putting away 2 hoodies and a shirt for Christmas for him. I let him have one to wear now. He didn't see what I bought so he'll be surprised at Xmas. Gave my difficult child his stuff now bc he needs it. Wearing my new sweater and jeans tonight and husband is wearing one of his new shirts since we have a dinner date for our anniversary later!

    Just had to share because I'm so excited! I love a good bargain!!!
  2. Mattsmom277

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    That's awesome :) I love bargains too!

    I just did a bargain shop today too. A store here has a points program that redeems for free money for future shopping. There was a promotion where you spend $75 and get a free $10 gift card for the store plus a free $10 gift card for Tim Horton's. I paid for one of those reloadable gift cards first, in order to get points for each dollar spent for the card. I then shopped to just over $75 and got points on the dollars spent again a second time, for the same trip. I used coupons on sales items and hunted clearance items. All together, my bill was $82.47. The total regular price cost was $176. So I saved, if you take off the gift cards I was given, about $124. easy child Jessica was happy because I splurged on a sale item she was bugging for, those pricey nose strips for blackheads. (She has a skin obsession, but dang she ends up with gorgeous skin).

    I love love love bargain shopping. I wish we could get the deals like you all can across the border.
  3. SomewhereOutThere

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    JKF, you are a woman of my own heart. Not only do I love store bargains, I am an addicted garage sale shopper. I get most of my clothes at garage sales and get a lot of compliments on them. Now if it would only stop snowing in Wisconsin, the garage sales would start!!!! :)
  4. Hound dog

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    Kmart clearance is awesome!

    Walmart clearance is a joke, at least here. They don't price stuff down enough to bother..........and it doesn't sell, it just keeps piling up. I see items in their clearance that has been there for 8 yrs.......same item, same price. (very distinct item) ugh

    Congrats on the huge bargain. In today's world every penny counts. :)
  5. InsaneCdn

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    Your stores have a clearance section???

    Not here.
    The items that don't walk out after the "half-price" sales... get shipped to the thrift stores, who then sell them for half of the last marked price. Decent price, but... not exactly a fantastic bargain.
  6. DammitJanet

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    Too bad shipping to Canada is so **** expensive. I bought an item of ebay for a really decent price but by the time I paid shipping I could have bought it brand new down here. I was dumb enough not to realize that I bought it from Canada when I bid. Sigh.
  7. Lothlorien

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    Kmart clearance is really great. Years ago, husband and I stopped in one and found clearance sweatshirts and jackets. We bought tons of them and spent about $40. We sold most of them at the flea market and tripled our money. I kept a few of those sweatshirts and still have several. Target used to have good clearance, but not as much anymore. Lisa is so right about Walmart, but I got a bunch of little kid outfits for $1. a piece a couple of years ago and gave them to my stepmom who sold them on Ebay. I kept a few for my niece.
  8. Mattsmom277

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    I've discovered a store literally a 5 minute walk (too close to drive) from home has daily markdown discounts that are incredible. So I guess every day I'm walking over to check out whats what.

    Today I spent $18.24 and saved $64.65. I savings of 78% and I didn't use coupons at all. $13 fresh meat lasagnas for $3.00 (got 2), all beef weiners for $0.50 regularly $4.49 (got 7, all they had left). 3 pepperoni lunch meat regular $4.49 were $1.00 each (got the last 3). 3 fruit yogurt granola cups regular $3.49 each for $1.00. I was pleased. I splurged full price on garlic bread for with one of the lasagnas for dinner.

    I can't wait to start daily treks and see what I can do. If I had thought to start printing coupons on items they carry, I'd likely have gotten the weiners and lunch meat free!