I love and hate my vet all at the same time

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by hearts and roses, Jul 19, 2010.

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    Arrrggghhhhhhhhh. Sophie.

    Yes, it's all about Sophie again. You may recall that her liver enzymes were elevated last month when she had her physical and then the vet rechecked after having her on some support medications for a month. Still elevated. Then the vet asked us to allow them to biopsy her liver to see if she has liver imflamatory disease or something. H and I have opted out and we've decided to recheck her in 3 months. My other two dogs have had their annuals postponed twice because of the costs associated with Sophies recent care!

    The other problem is that we can't have Sophie licensed in our town until she either gets the rabies vaccine or she has a titre for it and then our vet would have to make a request to have her rabies vaccine waivered. So that means another *(&**%&^$%$ visit to the ^*%&$&^$&^^* vet which means another *^%^%#^%$ BILL!!!! OMG.

    I know the vet is disappointed that we're not going ahead with his plan of action. Like I said in my much earlier post, he should work for the Mayo Clinic for animals!! It totally hoovers that I don't have the resources to medicate and dissect poor Sophie to save her life, although she's had more than 9 happy thrilling years with us. And it also stinks that I feel like a real heel finding a new vet who doesn't cost and arm and a leg just for a freakin annual check up ($348!!!! for ONE dog).

    I am feeling every bit of my over tired crankiness pre-PMSness at this moment. I just want to go home and love Sophie up. Nala needs her check up too and I can't afford it for another month. Bites.
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    I hear ya. Its nice he cares, but really....

    My doggie has allergies. Terrible ones. She scratches off her hair. This year has been awful for her. I'd like the vet to put her on steroids so she's not so miserable, but so far, he's too worried about the side effects. She's 10+, was a rescue with a rough beginning, has very few teeth left, etc. I love her dearly, but I just keep thinking quality vs quantity, here. I'd rather have her for just 1 more happy year than 5 more miserable years. The poor girl.
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    Im not in a great deal of loving vets condition myself right now.

    I got served with small claim court papers the other day from the vet who took care of my two dogs when my neighbor shot them in 06...remember that? Well, I wouldnt have ever allowed their care to climb to $1600 except that both the vet and the ASPCA lady (and the cops) kept telling me they were going to arrest the idiot who shot my dog and he was going to be responsible for the bill! Why in God's name would I pay to necropsy a dog? Trust me, I wouldnt...especially when a room full of medical students were watching! They had to do it to retrieve the bullet to match it to the bullet they had from the first dog though. A bunch of CSI stuff. They still havent arrested that dude. Now Jamie tells me they should have never told me he was going to be forced to pay the bill and I should have been told to sue him in small claims from the get go. Too late now for me though.