I love animals, and want to see your furry family members. Here's my boy Broady.

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    This is for pet lovers. I have two cats, and a dog Broady. These are a few pictures of my Golden Retriever Broady. With all of my difficult child drama, he is a source of comfort and companionship. I like being outside with him, and in the car with him and just hanging out. He's happy to be around me, he doesn't smart off and he doesn't ever complain. Do you have a picture of a special pet? Please share. Photobucket is a wonderful way to dowload your pictures. Witzend gave me the heads up on that one. Thank you.

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    I added those pictures and it also sent my daughter's prom pictures, she's in the red. Sorry about that. I'll try to edit it.
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  4. Jody

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    They are all beautiful. It looks like they get along pretty well. So sweet. Thank you for sharing.
  5. Fran

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    I love your furbaby photo's.

    Cowboy, Mr. Darcy,(Darce) Miss Elizabeth(Lizzie)
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    They're all so sweet!
  7. flutterby

    flutterby Fly away!



    Miss Abigail (Abbey)


    Hydro (when we rescued him - starving)


    Hydro now




    Holly (Baby Kitty)


    The babies Isabella (Isa) and Chloe - but they're a year old now - need to take more pics

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    OMG, Heather - is that 7 cats? LOL!
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    6. :) Hydro is pictured twice - a before and after.
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    I LOVE looking at pictures of everybodys little 'furkids'!

    I have quite a crew ... I couldn't get the individual pictures to load right so I just put the link to the whole album on Photobucket.

    The first one is my oldest Boston, Ragan, on her sixth birthday (two years ago). Birthday #8 is coming up on the Fourth of July! And yes, I admit it! I have been known to have birthday parties for my dogs! She only wore the party hat because I wouldn't let her have the new toy until she left the hat on ...

    The second is my sweet mixed breed, Ms. Freebie. I've had her for 9-1/2 years since she came in to my yard as a starving half-frozen puppy. She's a total sweetheart but she's afraid of everybody but me.

    The third one is my goofy girl, my Katy, the toy fanatic and the friendliest dog on the planet! When anything is going on in town near our house, like the music on the Square or the annual Christmas parade, Katy practically drags me! She loves loves to be where a lot of people are and socializes with everybody.

    The fourth and fifth ones are of my only boy, my little Trace, adopted from the Humane Society last September. He's had a rough life but he's doing great now and is a very happy,, mischevious, energetic boy. In the first picture he looks very guilty - I took this right after I had to chase him for three blocks (in my bathrobe!) after he slipped through my feet and out the door, on an adventure. The second picture was taken the day I got him. He was a very skinny 17 pounds, still with the stitches in from his eye surgery and neuter. He is now a solid, muscular, healthy 24 pounds and is doing wonderfully. The big lump under his neck was an infected salivery gland but it's much better now and he is finally "lumpless".

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    Wow.... Figuring out how to do this was a challenge! I THINK I've got a link now to my two best friends!


    Okay...I think I've got this figured out now. I'm editing to add another picture. This is one of my favorites. The original includes easy child's head, but I cropped it for the public post. I know standard poodles don't normally work as sled dogs, but....

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    EB-Ella will sleep with me at times like when I go up to bed before easy child/difficult child and husband. As soon as either comes up Ella goes into easy child/difficult children room to sleep in her bed! She loves to sleep on beds and also likes to think she is a lap dog because she loves to sit on laps!
  15. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    OMG! they are all adorable.

    Donna, my family thinks I'm nuts for having 3. I wouldn't mind a fourth to even it out. Logistically, it's just very difficult. I take them most places and the mini van with only the front seat can onlyhandle 3. I have a Pyr mobile.
    I love the birthday party for the pups. I used to think it was ridiculous to lavish so much human behavior on animals but now I don't care what anyone thinks. I put butt bows on Miss Lizzie and she is beautiful. LOL. I got cowboy hats the first year we left Texas. Poor Cowboy looked mortified. Give Ragan and Happy Birthday from Liz, Darce and CB. They give me such joy even with all the work that is required to keep them happy and healthy.

    with-O ella has a beautiful coat and face.

    Emotionallybankrupt, Broady is a beautiful boy. I have come to appreciate poodles much more now that I know a few. Considering they don't shed and are very bright is a big plus. Mine shed a ton and are independent thinking. Come is not a command they typically respond to. LOL. No furniture sitting for my kids- there would be no room for the people. How old is he?

    Jody, what a gorgeous red coat Broady has. How old is he?

    Witz, I didn't realize you had 3 dogs. I remembered Mandy and Bubba but when did Oscar enter the mix?

    Flutterby, I love the cat on the valance. ROFL. I bet Abbey is a character. Does Abbey attack passersby?

    Maybe in another thread I could post about dog feeding. I have the worst time. I don't want to highjack this thread.
  16. emotionallybankrupt

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    It's so neat to see them all! Fran, my friends are Ben and Holly. They are both two years old, but they're not from the same litter. And I LOVE poodles. I'd recommend them for any allergy-prone person for sure. I know the conventional wisdom is that NO dog is truly hypoallergenic, but we've done fine. Yes, they technically do shed, but it's fuzz balls here and there that are easily picked up and thrown away, not hair. Honestly, I'd probably not have the fuzz balls around if I were more faithful in brushing them, but they really don't like to be messed with, and it's usually not worth the physical labor for me to force the issue. I messed up by not getting them used to that when they were younger. They'd never hurt me, but they pull away, and they are STRONG. On the other hand, Holly seems to really enjoy being fixed up by the groomer. Ben just tolerates it. Isn't that so typical of male v. female? Holly has show dog breeding, and she struts like she knows it. Ben plods along like a bear. He has no grace or agility, and she has fun leading him on a chase and making him run into things. NOT nice!

    As for the allergy issue, though, I figured out that the problem here only happens if I don't wipe them down good when they come inside. It's the pollen that sticks to the fur that causes the problem here; not the dogs themselves. Baby wipes are great.

    I have my hands full with two though. I really can't imagine either the care or expense of more. Pet insurance, by the way, has saved my butt with them. I know a lot of people say it's not worth the money, but I've talliied expense v. benefit two straight years, and I've gotten back more than I've paid in premiums. Have any of you ever tried it? I don't know if this qualifies as a thread hijack or not. It's sorta related. If anybody wants to talk much detail about it, though, we can start a new thread.

    I love your fuzzy friends!
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  17. donna723

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    Fran, I didn't start out to have four dogs either. I didn't think I could handle four or have enough time to give four enough attention. But then someone on my Boston internet group saw that Trace was with our local Humane Society. The original idea was that I was only going to foster him for a Boston rescue group until he was adopted and they did find a great lady who was experienced with Bostons who really wanted him. Then at the last minute something came up and she couldn't take him. It took him so long to conquer his fears and to come to trust me, and by that time he was settled in and happy. And by that time I had fallen so in love with the little poot that I just couldn't give him up!

    Mine just have the little in-house parties (sometimes) so I can take some cute pictures. They get some new toys and a spoonful of ice cream in a tiny little dessert shell with peanut butter on top. And since Ragan's birthday is the Fourth of July, the toys and treats distract them from the fireworks noise going on outside that would scare them otherwise. I do know people though who have regular birthday parties for their dogs, even renting a pavillion in a dog-friendly park and inviting all their puppy-friends and their owners. I only know the actual birthdays of Ragan and Katy. Some people who don't know the actual birthday celebrate the day they adopted the dog - they call it their "Gotcha Day"!
  18. Rabbit

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    These r my 2 cats Bob and Lizzie Everyone's pets r so cute! I love animals!
    Thanks for sharing Hugs Rabbit

    Bob is the black cat and Lizzie is the Bengal kitten.
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  19. Fran

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    Rabbitt, they are beautiful. Bob is the black one and Lizzie is the kitten?

    I really do enjoy seeing your pets. It's so fun.
  20. flutterby

    flutterby Fly away!

    Rabbit, the first one (Bob?) looks just like my beloved Cassie who passed 3 years ago. They could have been twins.

    Fran, Abbey is so much fun. There is nothing she can't get into or onto, and she's so graceful. When she gets on top of the valance, it's onto the dry sink, the top of the shutters, and onto the valance in one fluid motion. None of the other cats can do it (Isa could if she tried, but she's afraid to). Hydro tried and ended up hanging by one paw looking around desperately for help. He's way too big. lol by the way, that valance was here when we moved in and is material stapled to plywood and screwed into the wall. I can't take it down or she'd destroy anything I put up in its place.

    Here's Abbey in the Christmas tree:


    She didn't break any bulbs this past Christmas which was an improvement. By the time Christmas rolls around, though, the tree is looking pretty rough.

    She has malformed kidneys and almost died when she was 11 weeks old, so I guess she gets away with a lot more than the others would. :) Although, all of my cats get away with a lot.

    I know that cats are supposed to be aloof and all that, but mine aren't - they are very dependent on me.

    I love everyone's pets. They keep us sane, don't they?
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