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    I got a "Customer Update Letter" from Georgia Child Support Enforcement.

    It reads: "This letter is being used to notify you that the Division of Child Support Services has mailed a Notice of Intent to Deny or Suspend any License, Certificate, Permit or Tag Registration to [easy child's dad]. The notice requires that the non-custodial parent contact this office to make arrangements to make consistent support payments and to reduce the arrears on this case within thirty (30) days to avoid having the license, certificate, permit, or tag registration denied or suspended."

    First, let me say, I had nothing to do with this.

    There are only 2 things I can think of: 1) he didn't pay any support for the month easy child turned 18 and/or 2) he didn't let them know that easy child turned 18. I let Ohio know, but it's not my responsibility to contact Georgia.

    Ex is in the process of relocating to San Antonio for his job. And considering he has a CDL, well, it makes it that much more of a big deal. I just *love* that he has to deal with this, too. Especially after all the koi he has put easy child through lately.

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    Ohio would contact his state. Ohio is good about that sort of thing.

    But not to dampen your joy, usually if the parent "makes arrangements" for back payments it is enough to get them off his back. Now if he hasn't gotten his federal return you might get what is owed you that way. *snicker* that would really make his day I'm sure. Cuz they do that even if he has made arrangements to pay. I know husband and I have been there done that.

    I am just sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo thrilled child support for K is something we no longer have to deal with. And I had to laugh when Ohio reamed MO and suddenly we got everything we over paid (almost 10,000.00) back from them that before that they never had any intention of reimbursing us.

    Yep. Ohio is good about child support. I'll give them that much. :)
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    Good. Now can you send some of that south??
  4. KTMom91

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    California could use some of those good child support vibes, too.
  5. Star*

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    How does that go?

    His dogma just got ran over by his truckma? er....karma. Yeah....that'll work. Couldn't happen to a nicer (insert filthy word here)
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    Its a beautiful thing.
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    Just goes to show...
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    Well, when someone acts like a Bite-in-the-***, fate has a way of biting back.
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    Love that brand of karma!!!

    Matt is turning 17 next month. I have gotten maybe a combined 25-30 monthly payments in all those years from his bio-donor. By the time Matt was 2, bio-donor's drivers license was revoked. He was prohibited from obtaining any form of credit (loans, credit cards, line of credit, car payments, mortgage). He was prohibited from buying or selling any property. He could not get a passport. To this day, a decade and a half later, it remains that way. He has always worked. Idiot. Karma is good!