I love my Daddy!

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    First, Dad's an Aspie. He's not a lovey dovey, affectionate kind of guy. He's also not much of a conversationalist. So, while many of my friends have heard their parent's stories of leaving the "old country" during the war, I got none of that. I couldn't even get basic medical info out of him, like what kind of cancer my mother had, or what happened to his eye (he doesn't see in 3D).

    Well, I was visiting with him today, before he heads back north, and he started to show off a document his wife typed out. It's his diary!!!!!!!!!!!! From 1944! (I got to see the original too!) It recounts about 4 years worth of their travels. About 76 handwritten pages - 19 single spaced Arial 12pt. I am so excited, I could barely contain myself. FINALLY some personal family history! I can't wait to read it and translate it!

    Oh, and he's paying for my vacation to NY and VT this summer - YAY!
  2. Star*

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    What language? You know I'm a language nut!??

    I am so happy for you! HOW EXCITING!!!!!!!!!
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    That is so AWESOME!! I am very happy for you. Have fun and "happy trails".
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    Oh! Keista I'm soooooo excited and thrilled for you!!!!! How utterly AWESOME is that!!!!! :)

    And I'll just sit here and be sort of jealous, cuz I love that sort of thing. lol
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    Star it's Lithuanian.

    10Q, 10Q, 10Q ladies. I feel giddy! I'll post the translation once I get to it - I have no clue what's in it. Of course, it's not "done" done and we're encouraging Dad to finish it. He claims he'll finish it as a pictoral diary.

    Most ppl know of or have read/seen Holocaust stories, but this is just one of thousands of stories of those that managed to escape the Holocaust and the lesser known Siberian prisons.
  6. Hound dog

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    Ohhh! I was hoping you'd post the translation......... Yippee!!! :hi5:
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    That is thrilling! I hope my dad writes his memoirs someday - he was 40 when I was born (I'm the oldest), and I think there is a lot I don't really know about him, like when he lived in France, etc.

    So happy for you!
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    What a precious, precious gift. Enjoy!
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    I am jealous, and thrilled for you!

    I know a lot about my own parents... But my Mom's father was a Marine in the Pacific in WWII and I don't know a lot. He did talk to Dad a bit in his final weeks... I hope Dad can tell me without breaking down (his father was kind of absent, so Mom's dad meant a LOT to him).

    Dad's father has mellowed some, and since I am the only one of 4 grandkids who has evidenced any interest at all in WWII (He was AAC, Atlantic), I get his stuff. I have letters he wrote to Grandma - across the page, then lattice-like the other way to save paper - and "stuff". I hope Bean is interested, because Onyxx and Jett don't seem to be...
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    Step, they may be interested in the future - you just never know.
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    I do hope so!!! It's their great-grandpa, in a way, too!
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    wOW!! That is wonderful!!!!

    Dads can be really great!
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    What a phenominal gift from an INCREDIBLE person. I'm sure the perspective and story will be astonishing. I doubt that we can scarecely begin to imagine - but by giving us their stories? It gives us hope that atocoities to that degree can be prevented. Never sadly eliminated, but.....even for that time in space - you have to wonder WHAT in the WORLD were people thinking to allow such carnage to go on? UNIMAGINABLE, and staggering are two words that come to mind.

    We don't treat each other very well......still.