I Love My Mom

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    My mom came over today. She didn't interact with me much. She actually just came to CLEAN. She knows I can't do much. I did , for me, a LOT on Sat because I just couldn't stand the kitchen. (We couldn't find the table, chairs, OR counters:ashamed:) AND I went to WalMart with husband.

    So mom came and CLEANED. She is such a sweetie. She worked on plans for a Christmas Bucket for tylers class, and worked so that she can get his dresser in place for his birthday. She also overflowed my washing machine and spent quite a while working in the utility room.

    there are not words to express how much I appreciate this. It felt very odd not to be working with her, but when I was out there I kept getting dizzy (weather changing - normal for me, but rather debilitating). I let Jessie off of school work to help and they got a LOT done.

    I have the greatest mom.

    We also had the BIGGEST LAUGH!

    Years and years ago she gave me a stamped cross stitch pattern of the 20 Mule Team that is the Borax logo. It has a covered wagon, the 20 mules, driver, everything.

    I hunted high and low for colors to know what to use. I even found the Museum supported by Borax.

    Never did find the info I needed. I DID give away 1 of the linen stamped fabrics to someone on one of my Xstitch websites.

    This summer I went to an estate sale and there were a LOT of Xstitch pieces framed. Including a beautifully framed 20 Mule Team design. the EXACT one I had been trying to get instructions for.

    It was even professionally framed with double matting. The grandkids said that Gma stitched it with love, but they each had a LOT of her work and some of it just had to go.

    They sold it to me for $2!!!!! Just having it mounted costs 5 times that!

    I was going back to lie down and it caught my eye (I am very foggy today, so things slipped a LOT). I gave it to her and told her it was stitched with love.

    By someone else's Gma!

    She looked puzzled for a moment and then all 3 of us had a HUGE belly laugh! It was just fun.

    She is going to hang it with pride. You truly can SEE the care and love put into this piece, and it has the stitcher's name on the back.

    Anyway, that was just so cool.

    And having mom come over to help out was cool too.

    I have a really cool mom. And she is totally my Warrior Mom :warrior: Role Model!

    Hugs to all of you, and to your Moms!
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    awww I have to say I am blessed with a Mom who runs circles around me, energy wise! And having someone clean your house is in my book the best gift EVER! Forget about diamonds and high tech gadgets. Glad you're Mom treated you to her Mrs. clean magic!
  3. Hound dog

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    Awww. Susie, you do have an awesome Mom. :D And what makes it better is that you honestly appreciate what she does for you.

    That's so cool about the Borax x stitch!!! And wonderful you were able to give it to her and get a huge laugh to boot.

    I did 1 x stitch project. One. I don't have the patience for it. It's hanging in my mother in law's tv room. :) I think it's pitiful, she thinks it's wonderful. lol And she used to be amazing at it before arthritis made it impossible.

    I'm so glad you're Mom is so good to you. She is one awesome lady. :D
  4. Wiped Out

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    What an awesomely cool mom you have!:)
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    I have to say that most moms are blessings in our lives. I'm so glad you had such a pleasant, riotous visit with your mum.

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    What a treasure! I'm so happy that you have that kind of relationship with your mom, not everyone does, you are very fortunate, count your blessings! I lost my mom a little over three years ago to heart and kidney disease, she wasn't that kind of mom, she was quiet and reserved and didn't show much emotion but loved us unconditionally. She met difficult child one time and that was when she was in the hospital, we have a picture of her holding her in September, she died four weeks later. I still miss her especially around the holidays, she was the glue that held the family together. We don't get together anymore for Christmas or any other time of the year, actually, we did it for her, I guess.
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    That's really awesome that your mom came over to help AND that you and she have such a good relationship. I think it's funny about the cross stitch. What a coincidence.
  8. Abbey

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    Aww, Susie...how lucky you are. Enjoy every minute you have and I'm sure she's doing the same.

  9. hearts and roses

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    What a nice story. I miss my mom; wish she could be with us for the holiday.

    Yours sounds like a real treasure!