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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by JJJ, May 2, 2009.

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    We finally broke down and admitted that our boys need Special Olympics in order to participate in sports (we had to work through a lot of grief on that one as sports are HUGE in our family). Today was Tigger's first District meet - hundreds of athletes ages 8-80. All I wanted was a meltdown free day -- icing would have been that he finished at least one race.

    I am proud to announce that...Tigger finished ALL THREE RACES. He finished the 100m and his leg of the 4x100 without stopping and he only walked about 5 steps of the 200m. He came in 3rd in both individual events and 2nd in the relay -- he is so proud.

    There was not a single meltdown. He had one moment at the end when he asked if I hated him because he didn't get any 1st places. I assured him that I was so proud of him I could burst. We had a celebratory dinner at Outback and told the waitress all about winning his medals! We called grandma too :)

    He is so proud of himself. What a great day!
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    I love Special Olympics. My high school gets to host every year. A lot of student volunteer and their work that day can be life changing. The look on the students who participate (my high school houses all special needs students for a county of 20,000, so all Special Education students attend) and get to wear their medals to school the next day is priceless. Good for Tigger. I am so glad he got a day that was special to him.
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    Tell Tigger this board auntie is very proud of him! :beautifulthing:
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    How great of a day!:) Way To Go Tigger!!:cheerleader:
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    Aw that's very cool, i was wondering how the day went and how he faired, totally amazing, isnt' it?

    very cool. dinner thing cute too glad you guys all had a great day! :)
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    My son is in the Special Olympics. It is SO GOOD for the kids and they make such a huge deal out of their events. My son has gone to the finals almost every time.

    I'm surprised more parents of our kids don't try the Special Olympics. I think many of the kids are on the austism spectrum, even high functioning. It's a way for the kids to learn to compete and have good sportsmanship without them needing to be great athletes (although some kids are) and they get the same attention other athletes get.

    But my son is fine hanging out with some kids who obviously have special needs. He gets along as well with them as with some higher functioning Aspies and typical kids. I think it's a great program. They understand "differently wired."
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