I made my Mom cry.

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    My mom and aunt came in to say good night. They spent a good part of the day cleaning my kitchen and helping Jess with her room, including a plan to move the furniture so her room will be more functional.

    We were talking about my leg and the infection. With this antibiotic I really want to barf, so I am eating not a lot. Enough, but light foods.

    I told her I have 2 days of antibiotics, and that I see the doctor on Monday for a follow up. Then I told her that one of the 2 bacteria was the flesh eating one. The flu shot 2 days before weakened my immune system enough for it to creep into a sore and take hold.

    I could have lost my leg if I had ignored the infection. I feel so BLESSED to have all of your prayers, and I know that my grandparents are watching over me through all of this.

    It was hard to hold her while she cried, but I am so glad that I CAN hold her and hug her. (I was starting to feel like a leper in the hospital - everyone who came in had to be in a gown and gloves - and a mask the first 2 days. They couldn't touch me otherwise. So when the kids and husband and my parents came to visit they couldn't hug me or anything. That was hard - you never realize how much touch means until you can't touch anyone.

    Anyway, it was a good cry. We had a good talk. We both needed it. I am sad I made her cry, but so thankful that I have her and that she cares.
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    I hope your antibiotic works. That is a scary infection. I am very glad you did not ignore it.

    If it is any consolation, the hospital staff hates wearing those gowns, gloves and masks. Ugg. Can't stand it.
  3. Abbey

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    Never more wiser words.

  4. ML

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    you never realize how much touch means until you can't touch anyone. Amen! I was just saying that today. We have so much that we take for granted. I try to take a blessings inventory often but it's easy to get caught up in the drama of life.

    I am so glad your infection is responding to the antibiotics. My brother had some very horrid experiences with that MRSA and so the fact that your responded so well relieves me.

    I really love you Susie, you are a beautiful person.


  5. klmno

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    Having the time with each other is the main thing and I'm gald you had it to share. A tear or two isn;t always such a bad thing! The main thing is to get yourself well and get rid of the infection permanently!! I'm glad it's moving in that direction!
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    Once a mom, always a mom. It was probably very cathartic for the both of you.

  7. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    That sounds very touching (no pun intended). She's probably been so worried about you and everything you've been through -- and needed to get that out. Don't feel bad about her tears, they were very healing for her and probably for you, too. You have a wonderful family that obviously loves and cares for you very, very much. What a blessing to have such people in your life!
  8. Hound dog

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    Susie, you be sure to keep a close eye out on that infection. Hopefully with only 2 more days of anitbiotics to go its basically gone. But any hint that it might still be there you get the doctor on the phone asap. Promise me.

    Scary scary stuff.

    Glad you and your Mom got to clear the air. Tears are not always such a bad thing.

  9. susiestar

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    Daisy, I promise that at ANY sign of returning infection I will be at the doctor's office faster than you can blink. I like my legs and want to keep them. Yhe fact that it had moved into 2 lymph nodes in the space of a couple of hours terrified me (I took a shower an hour before I went to the doctor and had NO problem with the lymph nodes in my groin on either side. Then, about 2 hours later at the doctor, she touched the lymph nodes, they were swollen and I about went through the roof with pain.). I was amazingly lucky that it was not MRSA, and that it did respond to antibiotics easily.

    While I only have 2 days of antibiotics left, I also have a doctor appointment on Monday for a follow up. I plan to ask for another round of antibiotics to make sure we have killed all the little svckers!

    I am truly blessed to have all of you, and my mom and aunt. I am glad my mom was able to get some of the tears out - it was cathartic for both of us. (And I knew if I didn't tell her what bacteria it was and she found out later she would skin me alive! And I am NOT joking at that!)

    Touch means so much. Even those few days when I couldn't hug my husband or parents or babies, and they were so worried about me, and I was worried about me too. The nurses were so gentle, even the one who scared the crud out of me. I reported her.

    I had a nurse Friday night who came in and with no gloves, gown, ANYTHING started to flush my fancy IV line (power PICT line for those of you who know what it is). I made her stop and glove up, though she flat out refused to wear the gown all night. Three times I had to make her glove up - 2 times for the IV line and 1 time she was going to open the packages of my medications with-o gloves. It scared me because she could bring germs in on her clothing to me, and she could take germs from me out to anyone else. And I wouldn't wish this on ANYONE.

    So I told the nurse the next day and she sort of brushed it off. When I got home I called the Patient Representative who was HORRIFIED! She pulled up the nurses name, verified everything and this nurse may not have a job. While I don't wish unemployement on anyone, I honestly think her judgement is not sound and this is not the best work for her. (she was HOURS late with my various medications, and the IV antibiotics had to be times fairly precisely to fit them all in.And she only had 3 patients - it was a very slow night from what the aide said.)

    Anyway, I truly AM blessed, with all of you, with my parents, my husband and kids, and with my aunt (and uncle, who supported her coming out on short notice to help me).

    I love you all.

  10. Hound dog

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    Susie you did the right thing calling the Patient Representitive!!! OMG!!! She was not only exposing herself.......but every person and patient she came into contact with!!! There is a reason behind sterile procedure!!! I get so furious when I hear about stuff like this.

    When I was doing phlebotomy clinicals....well, you wouldn't believe the amt of women who didn't wear gloves, but those that never bothered to wash their hands before and after each patient.....well, they all got mysteriously turned in. sheesh!! One woman, I happened to really like her, wasn't gloving or gowning when around the newborns in the nursery!!! Yep, she got turned in too.

    Hospitals have a high rate of cross infection just due to the business they're in. That's bad enough. But staff not following proper (and simple) procedures to keep that cross contamination down to as little as possible, in my opinion is unforgivable.

    If that nurse loses her job it's because she was being neglectful as all heck. She was risking all her other patients.......and being a major risk to YOU because your immune system already had more than it could handle. grrrr

    Can you tell I was taught by someone years ago who was more than a bit anal retentive about such things? lol ;)
  11. susiestar

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    Lisa, I took the ServeSafe Sanitation training for restaurant managers while I was preggo with Jessie. We didn't have any leftovers for about 3 years after that.

    I am a handwashing fiend, though I do my best to NOT use antibacterial soap unless we have an infection like this one. My doctor says the antibacterial soap is only very slightly more effective, and it is teaching our bacteria to be resistant.

    I actually kind of hope that nurse loses her job, she put us in such risk. At the least she should have to go through the sanitation training again.

    Can you tell we don't make hamburger patties or any meats with-o gloves? I have to find latex free ones for husband, but it is WELL worth it.

    As a patient, THANK YOU for turning in all those people who don't glove up. I had a vicious migraine while preggo with thank you. After a WEEK my OB sent me to the ER. They had trouble finding a vein because I was so dehydrated. The IV guy took his gloved OFF and went to put the IV in - said he couldn't feel it witht he gloves on.

    I bent my arm and told him to get out, only not very nicely. I was scared of him. They had the head nurse come in and put my IV in. She THANKED me for raising a big stink about the IV guy. The nurses had been reporting him but nothing happened because he golfed with the docs. But MY Heck Raising got some attention, a patient rep, and some freebies ( things from the drug reps, but really NICE soaps and lotions, and a LOT of them - I needed a bag to carry them!)

    Anyway, thanks for all your support. It can be hard to raise a fuss or insist on things when you are sick. I am just glad I got better so fast - they heard the doctor all the way at the other end of the hall the morning after I was admitted! My leg looked SO MUCH better even that fast.

    Sending hugs and support to you, I am sure it will be a busy day!
  12. SearchingForRainbows

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    What a wonderful family you have!!! The love you have for them and they have for you just shines through in your posts. I'm glad that you're going to ask for an extra round of antibiotics - This is not an experience you should ever have to repeat. It's a miracle you are doing as well as you're doing!!! I'm just so relieved you're ok!!!

    I'm glad that you were able to stand up for yourself even being as sick as you were. It truly disgusts me that there are nurses, etc. who just don't care about the safety of others. It is horrifying to think of what could have happened.

    Thinking of you ... WFEN

    P.S. I'm really sensitive to latex and use non latex gloves for cleaning, etc. (I'm allergic to lots of common household chemicals.) I don't think you have a BJ's in your area - They actually have the cheapest price for a box of 100 gloves. Wal-Mart sells non latex gloves too. I haven't bought them there in a long time so I don't remember how much they are - I think Wal-Mart sells them 50 to a box.
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  13. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    I'd Hug ya babaaaaaaaay

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DcNUx0-XEfw&feature=related"]YouTube - MC Hammer - U can't touch this (original)[/ame]

    MWAH! :tongue:
  14. susiestar

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    ROFL, Star! And yeah, I was glad I felt up to sticking up for myself while I was in there. It felt good to stand up for myself the way I used to.

    Hugs to ALL now that I am SAFE to TOUCH!
  15. Susie,

    I'm so glad to hear that you are on the mend - and so sorry to hear that you were so sick. Good healing thoughts are headed your way!

    I've been away because our difficult child was in the hospital with an infection as well - you two must have been sick at the same time. Our nurses were to use gowns, gloves, and masks as well - due to difficult child's MRSA - and most did - but some did not. I had the identical concerns that you had. Not only were they potentially spreading difficult child's infection to other patients - but maybe they were bringing new bugs to difficult child.

    Patients need to be vigilant and remind the professionals of the dangers of infection. We'll be informing our hospital once our usual "customer service" survey comes in the mail...
  16. susiestar

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    Wow, you get a customer service survey? We don't. They have cards AT the hospital you can fill out, but they don't mail you anything. I wish they did, it would make problems easier to resolve.

    I am sorry your difficult child was so sick, MRSA is SCARY. I was lucky to not have that. I hope difficult child is on the mend and can be home soon if he is not.

    gentle non-germy hugs,