I might faint - you'll all never guess what my S/O bought me today!

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    ... I hate that I can't post on my FB wall to my friends and family what an amazing man I have. Since easy child's dad can use her laptop at his place to snoop my FB wall, I keep all talk of financial business silent because he's always watching to see if he thinks our finances improve, perhaps I won't fight back if he tries to keep decreasing my support (He pays all of $200 a month out of court, no order, on a over $400K combined income with his now wife, and yes, he tries to mess with me by not paying etc. Lucky in every other way he's great with and for and to easy child!).

    So I thought I'd come here and scream about what he did for me today. I'm so overwhelmed I may seriously not breathe straight for a week.

    He went out alone this afternoon "for a haircut". He came back 2 hours later, I hadn't noticed much but wondered why 2 hours for a hair cut. I thought maybe there was a long wait. So in he comes, sits down all calm (he did have a hair cut) and says he was longer because he doesn't know why but he stopped in impulse (yeah right, he must have been keeping this perfect secret for ages!!!) at a car dealership.

    HE BOUGHT ME A SUV!!! A 2012 SUV. Heated leather seats so I don't ever get chilled in winter with my MS. So many bells and whistles I don't know how i"ll learn them.

    I'm apparently to go Monday when he's at work to meet some guy named Pat and pick my color and even if they don't have it in stock, latest I should have the color I want and drive off the lot is next Saturday.

    I think I'm in massive shock. My biggest gift in my life was a sony camcorder when they were not the prices of today, pricier and I think it took me about 3 years to stop being in shock that he'd buy me something so extravegent (I'm simple by nature maybe because that was a huge deal to me). And now a brand new SUV?? I can't breathe. He's making dinner because I am just sitting here absorbing.

    And to boot, to show just how much my emotions now are beyond the fact someone BOUGHT ME A BRAND NEW CAR, this is a man who A) has no car and B) has told me he will NOT drive this SUV because it is to be something that nobody shares with me, it is meant for me. He's christened it the binx mobile (his pet name for me is binx). He's ordering me a vanity plate with something like Number 1 Binx if he can figure out how to get it to look right and fit on the plate. I argued and argued that it must be OUR car and he refuses. He says in the summer of next year he'll buy himself a used car, that he's had new cars many times (before our time together) and this was for me. Happy early wedding present was his response.

    I can't tell if my heart is pounding more for a new car (I've never owned a car until the beater van in the back that I 'thought' we were putting on the road for me in 2 weeks), or that someone could love me enough to be inspired to do such a grand gesture as a token of how he feels for me. I spent nearly 30 years, due to my foster care upbringing and my bio dad experience etc not believing I was lovable (other than my kids). He taught me (it took a few years) to believe I could be loved and be worthy of it. But to believe somehow I can inspire this kind of man type display of a grand gesture? Not on our wedding day with a audience for a ego thing, but on a saturday in August with no build up, holiday, birthday, occassion, but just because he can and it felt finally right timing to cheer me from a currently difficult time (bio dad ****)??????? I don't know what I've done to inspire that type of feeling for me in him, but I just said a silent prayer to whoever is listening out there to say thank you for the blessing I've been given to have him in my life (Cheesy I know, but its just the truth and it has nothing to do with the actual car, if you all understand how I mean it).

    Aside from the overwhelmed feeling in terms of him doing this for ME .... I AM GETTING A BRAND NEW CAR!!! Nearly 40 and first car, and all I have to do is go decide my color. I'll come up for air in about 6 months. I don't know if I can drive it off the lot to be honest. I think I'll be shaking like a leaf.
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    I'm so happy for you in so many ways! You do deserve the car AND all that love. Enjoy it.
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    BIG Ditto!! Reading this made me cry. I am so happy for you. Does he have a twin, clone, anything??? After everything you've been through (and probably will go through yet), you deserve nothing but the best. {{{{(((HUGS)))}}}} of joy to you both!!
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    I've moved into the ugly cries (but of happiness). I can't stop. He's kind of laughing at me I think, because he doesn't maybe get just how overwhelmed I am. He's been spending hours trying to decide if he wants to upgrade me for certain safety features. I know not a wit about cars, having never owned one and only even rented one twice in my life. He's talking bigger engine model to have more power/control because of being so far north and the snow/ice issues in winter. He's enrolling me to do a defensive winter driving class (which I want badly to feel confident on bad roads all winter because they do get BAD here).

    We just spent 30 minutes looking at the add ons and selecting ones that make sense for me. I hate to add a thing because of the $$ aspect but some things do make sense. A cargo net, a side step because sometimes I can't step up or down much with my legs on bad days, a rear sonar/camera thing or something for backing up?? I haven't a clue but he says its good sense?? Anyone? I feel so green and a bit shy for some weird reason admitting how a lot of this is going right over my head, although I know he'd just explain it if I said so. Any other features that make sense to add on? I'm open to ideas as safety matters hugely to me. Any luxery item add ons that actually are worth it because you'll kick yourself if you don't? I could use car advice because it does make sense as he explains it to really analyze what I want added in or not and why, so we don't pay higher later to add it in because I cheaped out in the beginning.

    Who knew a car purchase is so intense and extensive???

    For me I'm thinking its new, its safe, and the only thing I can actually feel I know something about is what colors I do or don't like. I think I need a cars for dummies book (not kidding either! I might have to go buy one and start reading).

    I have skipped cloud nine. I think I'm at about thirteen minimum!!
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    Wow! How wonderful! Yay for H, double yay for you! So, what kind?!
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    After all the pain you have endured this year, you DESERVE to have something wonderful happen to you. God has sent you a loving man.
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    It's I guess considered a Suv/crossover type car??? I swear I don't know differences in anything to do with cars.

    It's a Kia Sorento EX-V6, then there's so add ons/upgrades he's customizing for stuff that he feels is important? I know it has heated leather seats, some kind of great options for drivers seats and he says something about its worth it to pay this model for the lumbar support of that or something since I have so many MS related muscle issues and much is with my back/hips?

    Gosh I feel so green. So do you call these SUV's? Do you call them Crossovers? Or is actually called a SUV-Crossover? I don't know??? Yup, I'm going to buy some cars for dummies books! Obviously I'm in dire need.
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    How wonderful!!!! You deserve every bit of happiness, enjoy it!! Just read the manual, you'll be fine! You can always go back in later and ask any questions you have about the vehicle.
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    So awesome! Congrats!
  10. WhymeMom?

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    But most importantly.......... what COLOR? Sounds wonderful, enjoy the "new" smell....... only extra I can think of is some heavy duty floor mats that catch spills and dirt......check out where cupholders are and if they are convenient to you.... fun, fun, fun.......
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    You know you mention the mats, and we saw it on the lists of add ons that we looked at and I had said skip that one, not worth it, I can buy some from Walmart or something. Then you posted about them and it got he and I realizing we should have the good ones added in because we may not find proper fitted ones off the shelf depending on the shape, size, etc. And then S/O realized it makes sense and important sense given we're in Canada and winters means major nasty stuff tracked in on boots, salt from the boots that will do nasty stuff to the interior etc. Many thanks for getting us to rethink that one!! It's now in our checklist to add!

    I am going to have a hard time picking a color! They have some gorgeous colors for it. Anybody who cares to go to kia.ca and click the model and look at the color options and help me weigh them, feel free lol. S/O said that's the one thing he will not chime in a word on because its up to me and he won't influence me for what he likes haha. Brat he is! I kind of NEED help to decide. It should be a sassy type color, if that makes sense. He says it should LOOK like a Binx Mobile to reflect me haha. Can cars and colors "reflect" people?! He's nuts I think lol. I just see them and go OOOOOOoooooh PRETTY!!!!
  12. Mattsmom277

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    I LOVE the spicy red, but if you are at all prone to be 'lead footed' it's not a good color to get. I also love the name dark cherry although the color doesn't look much different from ebony black. I fit were me, I might have to resort to "Eeny, meenie, miney, moe......."
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    With the snow you want something dark enough to stand out without being "radar tag me red." I like the blue, but I'm biased because I have a blue SUV. ;) We call them SUV's, I haven't heard anyone call them a crossover in years. Heated seats! I'm so jealous!
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    I'm torn on the colors! I am in love also with that blue one and the cherry red. The cherry red you have to see apparently in real life, online pictures can't show it right. Apparently at night it will look black but in day its a deep cherry with some flecks or something and looks neat. But then I looked a Titanium Silver and I just think it looks classy and elegant and James Bond Girlish haha. S/O thinks I should decide between that more classy look with that Titanium silver or the blue one which he thinks looks peppy, or in his word "Binxy". I am leaning to agreeing with him and can't decide if I want the serious beefy looking silver or the fun jaunty sporty young feeling blue one. I have no idea how to pick!!!!!!!!

    I'm so psyched to have heated seats for our winters and imagine on a bad day for my MS how nice to be sore but climb in to heat direct on my back etc! I'm drooling and can't wait for Monday to go to the dealership so I can climb in it and look in real world. Online is good but oooh to sit in it!!! It has a panoramic sunroof which is awesome, and we're getting the 7 seat option and the way the third row seating tucks away when not wanted/needed is really brilliant, or perhaps I'm easily impressed being I until today thought I'd be driving a 8 year old Dodge Caravan base model lol.

    I'm over the shock mode, into the bubbling over excited stage! Monday hurry up so I can go see it!!

    Maybe I'll have to flip a coin for the silver/blue decision!
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    If that's the case, that's my vote! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that look.
  17. tiredmommy

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    Do you know what I think is the best thing about your S/O? It's that he recognises how special you are and cherishes you. :)
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    Tiredmommy, that's what made me so overwhelmed after he came home and told my surprise.He is wonderful to people in general, just a genuine nice guy that people tend to warm to quickly. But he goes an extra mile to treat me as someone precious to him, special, to spoil me (usually small scale though, this takes the cake LMAO). He's just thoughtful in ways that make you know you're loved. Doesn't forget birthdays, anniversaries, valentine's. I'm blessed by how he's not afraid to help me FEEL loved every day in many different ways. I gush about him but it's honestly because I sometimes can't understand why "I" would appeal to him. He truly could have close to his pick of women. He loves me, so I stopped questioning it ;) and just am grateful he did. Life truly is nothing like it was before he came into it.
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    I am so happy for you. I would be on cloud nine also. I would go for the cherry color, but the titanium is nice too, plus it has a good name!

    I agree with tiredmommy, the important part is how much it shows that he cares and puts you first. That is awesome.
  20. KTMom91

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    I would go for the brightest red possible, since I'm so quiet, shy, and retiring.

    Your SO is a wonderful guy! Enjoy your new beautiful Binx-mobile!