I must jinx myself

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by comatheart, Mar 8, 2014.

  1. comatheart

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    I posted Thurs. that his labs were clean.... Well, I was called to come pick up my difficult child from the social event associated with his recovery school last night. He was high.

    He had also provided another student drugs as well. I have not spoken to the director of the program yet, but after the stunts he pulled there just weeks ago, narrowly avoiding expulsion, I know he wont be allowed back without treatment. At that time, the director said if he completes treatment again he would be welcomed back. Hes 1 credit away from a diploma!!!!!!

    In the car on the way home, I asked him if he wanted to live like this the rest of his life? He couldn't answer me. (Of course being high didn't help) He wanted me to drop him off on the side of the road. My hubby and I took shifts watching him last night, due to his attempted suicide last Sept when he felt this hopeless.

    I'm devastated. He is obviously still very sick.

    This morning we are trying to find out if there is a bed at his former rehab. +Finding out if hes even interested in treatment or if he wants us to help him find a shelter. We have to follow through on our threat that he goes back to treatment or moves out.

    Tough love sucks.
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    No words of wisdom, but please know that I understand your hurt & frustration. I'm so sorry.
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    Thank you Signoria. He chose treatment!!! We are on our way to drop him off now. I'm so relieved he chose to get help rather than live on friends couches or a shelter continuing to go down this ugly dark road.
  4. Nancy

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    Good, perhaps he is starting to see where this is getting him. Do you know what drug he used? Sometimes it takes several slips before they decide to change their life. Don't give up. He is young and it's difficult for the young ones, they see their peers do the same thing and think we are crazy telling them they have a problem.
  5. toughlovin

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    Oh gosh I know the feeling!! All too well. I am so so glad he is choosing treatment!! Maybe your words sunk in a little or maybe he is just scared to be out of your house but in either case him choosing treatment is a good thing.

    Keep us posted.


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  6. pasajes4

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    A victory to be sure.
  7. comatheart

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    All went well with the drop off. Since hes 18 he can check himself out, but there's a 96 hr hold and they can usually talk them out of it. Then they drop them off somewhere with $5. Its a small town so they often sit there for a few hrs and then come back.

    The BEST news is he is on the same exact team as last time, with the same counselors!! They already know his song & dance, so hopefully they can get right into treatment.
  8. Nancy

    Nancy Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Good to hear he is safe and sound for the time being. The center my difficult child was in was also in a small town and there was a several mile walk down a dirt road to the nearest business, a gas station and a bar lol. The joke was they walked down the road and went straight to the bar. My difficult child did try to leave once with a group of former residents that came for saturday family visit. The nursing staff called to tell us she was leaving but wouldnlt tell us anymore. We were two hours away. I cried and begged them to go get her and keep her until we could get there. They must have felt sorry for me because they did tell me who she was leaving with. Fortunately one of the weekend guards caught her and made the other kids leave and told her if she wanted to go she would have to walk the five miles down the road. She started walking and he kept walking after her until he finally convinced her to come back.
  9. lovemysons

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    Hi there,
    Wow, you have really been through a tough time lately haven't you!

    I am pleased to hear that difficult child is back in drug rehab treatment. I keep picturing my son's there at the same treatment facility yrs ago. I loved my young difficult child's counselor. She stopped working at the facility and opened up her own office eventually and I took young difficult child to see her for a few months after treatment.

    LOL...I wanted the councelors to know my son's SO WELL that I even took their baby books to them so they would "know" my son's better. I suppose I thought the better they knew them the better care/treatment/etc they would get.

    Take this time to rest while you can. He is safe.