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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by klmno, Feb 9, 2010.

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    I need to get my first invoice out- I have it finished but wanted to add a sentence at the end to serve 2 purposes. 1) Since I had to spend time meeting them initially, installing software that I was lucky they provided, and figuring out how they work their files, I am not billing for all that time- I somewhat estimated about half for their cost and half on me - and I want them to know that I'm noot billing all that time so they won't feel used (I am of course billing for all hours spent actually producing work); and 2) I want them to realize that I spent more time than shows up on the invoice so they won't think I'm hardly working for them at all.

    What would be one sentence that says all this in a nice way?

    I have not included all time spent with the initial meeting, software installation, and becoming familiar with your file management due to considering it________

    It's not really overhead, or administrative, what would it be considered?
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    I am not charging for the initial meeting and software installation as I consider it to be initial familiarization with your company and your needs.
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    Got it! Thanks! She needed it by 1:30 so I just emailed it out.

    Next question- I trust this one, but is there a way to email a document originally done in Word in a way that prevents the recipient from being able to change it? I can read pdfs but I don't think I can save a file as a pdf without buying certain software.
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    Attorneys bill it as "setting up a file". You can also bill it as a bookkeeping expense.

    To keep people from changing the document, go to "Tools", then "Options", then the "Security" tab, and set a password to modify the document.
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    Thanks, Witz- I'll try it!
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    K---try this. I have one on my work computer that is freeware---not sure if this is it or not---It installs as a print---when you go to print document, you choose the program from your printer choices. You can then save it as a pdf.
    If this one isn't freeware, I'll send you the one I use tomorrow.
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    Oh- great!! thank you!!