I need advice, I just don't know what to do

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    easy child was in an accident on his way home for his driving route today. He still isn't back here yet but I talked to him on the phone and he says he is OK but he just doesn't sound right. I am sure he is worrried and apprehensive. I do not know if he was at fault or not but either way it will affect his job. This is the second accident he has had in just over a year. I am pretty sure he will be laid off as a result. That is how this company works. I am ok with him being taken off route sales and given an indoor job but I don't think that is what will happen. easy child won't like that anyway as it won't pay but minimum wage and he has been making a decent salary for a while now. He is a very high functioning Aspie and thought very intelligent he just doesn't do well socially and in interviews.

    sThe other concern I have is that he is not in tuned with his body. From past experience I know that even if hurt won't seek medical assistance. So here is my problem... I am suposed to leave at 5am for my nephew's wedding and will be gone for a few days. There will be no one here to moniter my easy child for injury and/or depression. I want to just cancel my trip but husband doesn't think that is a good idea. My gut is saying don't go but my head is saying the opposite. I will loose money on my tickets but that is OK My sisters and my family will be angry since I am supossed to pay a percent of the rental for the condo we are staying in. JUst not sure what to do and need to make a decision within a few hours. -RM
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    How long would he be alone? Can you have a neighbor come check on him?
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    Your easy child sounds very much like my oldest son. I understand your ambivalence. Much as I hate to say this, I would be staying with easy child....lol. I know...Im supposed to be saying detach detach...but...something inside me just cant all the time.
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    He will be alone for a week and we have no neighbors that I could ask to do that. I have a call in to my daughter who lives about a half hour away but she isn't home and hasn't returned it yet.

    Janet, I am just not feeling OK about leaving him. husband says that we will decide in the morning after seeing difficult child but he isn't home yet and we have to get some sleep and will be going to bed in a little while. -RM
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    Any chance he can go with you? I mean... if he's gonna get fired for this accident anyway... just thinking...
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    It would be nice if your daughter could help out in this situation. Also will you have the chance to be around easy child for a while before you would have to leave? Maybe you can get a feel for how he is doing. Any chance you could get him into an immediate care tonight just to have him checked out?
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    I vote for him calling in, saying he was in an accident and cannot come to work for a few days, and you take him with you. If he's not home after a long time tonight, you can call cops and ask them to keep an eye out for the car, I would think.
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    Ok he is home...whew! He won't tell us anything. He says he has been talking about it all night and just doesn't want to tell it again. Said he will tell us tomorrow. I told him that we would be gone tomorrow and he just shrugged and still refused to say a word. His company called here and then on the cell. He is now off the cell phone but still he won't say a thing.

    The accident was while he was driving the company truck as was the one a year ago. I mean there is no way they are going to put another truck at risk. It is just too much liability. I do understand that but am not sure if easy child does. We do not know what the company has told him or if he plans to go to work in the morning. I do not know if he is going to show up at work. I do not know if he has told them he won't be there because he needs to rest or if they
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