I need help. Adult son is out of control.


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It breaks my heart. I just want to know how other parents deal with the pain of this.
My heart is broken too. There is heartache all around when you pay attention. Heartache and suffering. We are not guaranteed happiness in this life. We must create it. Based on my own experience, we can create our own happiness, by boundaries and by deliberately cultivating ourselves and our life.

How do we cultivate ourselves and our life? A major beginning is to stop focusing on our kids. And when a painful thought or memory comes up, acknowledge it with love and feel the loss, and find another thought in your mind to affix energy to.

For me, helping other people, music, dancing, being outside, faith, and personal goals have been ways to plant seeds of hope and happiness.


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Ladies, I used be in this group and I do miss it. And I did get a lot of help from here seeing that we're all on the same boat. But I did lose my son to a drug overdose in July, and I miss him so much. Just like a lot of you I was also detaching and letting him grow up and be on his own but unfortunately he just couldn't deal with life and the drugs were part of his life. He passed away of a fentanyl accidental overdose. I pray for all of our children here that think they're doing one drug and it's laced with fentanyl. Hugs, hang in there mamas.
I am so sorry I know that brings you no comfort, prayers your way.