I need help, I am a grandmother 65 years old and raising 2 grandsons


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I need help, I am a grandmother 65 years old and raising 2 grandsons, one has adhd and is so hard to handle. We have him on medications and it works sometimes, but it is getting to the point that we can’t have him here anymore, his brother is so sad all the time because the adhd child rules the house. My husband and I have had these kids for 10years, while we love them to the moon and back, the problem child has either got to go or we need help. I am at my wits end. mother is in the picture but no help and their father is deceased


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I am very sorry to hear of your situation, Grammy. Are you and your husband the children's legal guardians? You may need to involve the court system to determine the best solution for your situation. Is the troubled child in therapy? Does he have an IEP at school?


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Hi Grammy53, I'm grammy52, so just about your age and raising two grandkids, too. Father married a woman with three other children by three different men, then managed to get herself pregnant by my grandkids' father. They got married and now live in Chicago. My grandson, 11, is not welcome at their home for more than an hour or two at a time, and now that he's in Chicago, I doubt they will see much of them again. Their mother is 10 miles away but is fighting mental health issues of her own. Grandson has ADHD, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and what the doctors feel is emerging bi-polar. ADHD medications have no effect on him other than to make him more anxious. His medication situation is fluid at best--not much seems to alleviate his difficulties. Zero focus on school, horrible social skills, paranoid, impulsive, suicide ideation has us taking trips for evaluations at the hospital etc. He's also a sweet kid who is far harder on himself than any of us are on him. And immature. I've only had the kids full-time for two years, but I'm the point person for IEPs, the calls after school, taking him to appointments, etc. It's exhausting and I hear your pain and worry. Hugs, welcome to our little corner of the world. It's a supportive place.


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Wow such a handful. Bless you for taking on the raising of your Grandchildren, many here do.
I just want you to know I am here supporting you. My son is a Difficult Child drugs and poor behaviour. Arrested several times. Facing prison if he doesn’t go to rehab.