I need information/experiences of medications for anxiety


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BuSpar is difficult child's psychiatrist choice for maintenance because difficult child doesn't want SSRIs. She had said it tends to have lower side effect profile than most and if it works it is very good drug because of few side effects and being not too habit forming, less so than most SSRIs, should be easy to get off of. Problem is, that for many people it doesn't work at all, at least alone (it is apparently good booster for SSRIs.) But of course you don't if you don't try. difficult child is thinking if he is willing to try.

Atarax was given to difficult child for PRN use to be taken after a bad day to help with sleep and to lower anxiety. He was warned that not only does it make you very sleepy after taking it, many are drowsy and feeling lazy also next day and need to sleep longer than normal. For difficult child it's not for continues use, but after he knows how it affects him and if he has effects still on the next day he can decide when he is willing to bear those effects to get the benefits. Idea is, that with that difficult child could maybe cut the spiral that makes bad day to turn the bad night and even worse next day and...

difficult child had asked both about Clondine and beta blockers, but effects to sport performance were too scary to him. And while his blood pressure and especially his resting heart rate are being much higher than they used to be, they are still considered to be in lower side and blood pressure medications could have some adverse effects especially if his natural blood pressure and heart rate would get back to his normal numbers after they hopefully are able to ease his anxiety.