I need new sheets because of husband

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by mstang67chic, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. mstang67chic

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    And no Star, it's NOT what you're thinking! LOL

    It's because of his FEET! I kid you not, there is a huge hole in the fitted sheet (HUGE!!) right where his feet are when he's in bed. The man has worn a hole in the sheet with his blasted feet! This isn't the first time either. Granted, this is the first for a fitted sheet but he's worn a hole through at least two top sheets with his toenails.

    Even though I buy my sheets at Walmart, I am a bit of a sheet snob. I get a minimum of 250 thread count and pay close to $40 for a Queen size set. (Only because I can't afford the 400-600 thread count) It's not like I buy the paper thin sheets that come in the bed in a bag set. This shouldn't be happening! I told him (only half joking) that he needs to go out and get a pedicure. He said they cost too much. Well how much does he think I've spent replacing these flipping sheets???? (Oh and he says if he goes, he's going to the beauty college to save money. Those poor students........wonder how many will stay in the course after that?)

    If he doesn't do something, I'm tempted to slip him a mickey and take a Dremmel to his feet. (With proper safety equipment of course....you know....gloves and one of those full face masks like they wear on tv during autopsies.)
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    Would he wear socks to bed? That might fix the problem - and cheaper than a pedicure. :)
  3. mstang67chic

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    I asked him. No....his feet would sweat too bad. And honestly, there are enough odors coming off of him while he sleeps.....one more might just push me over the edge.
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    mstang- it's not just Star who's going to think something here-LOL! I almost didn't read this since I didn't have a husband and I was afraid of where it was going. :916blusher:Then, you say no that isn't it, then you start talking about his big feet. Do you have any idea what I have heard about men who have big feet? :holymoly:Humph....

    Ok- sheets are the topic. :whew:Oddly enough, I think Walmart's sheets run a little high, unless you want a standard basic color. I try to find high thread counts (I'm like you in that respect) at other stores on sale or online. I've been looking for some for myself, but I found a good bed set for difficult child, with sheets that have a high thread count, online.
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    Claws is more like it. I think I'd pay my husband 50 bucks if he'd clip his toenails. Ewwwww. So far no holes in the sheets, but only because he tends to spend most of his time on his side.

    And if he touches me with those things.........I swear I kick him, and hard.:sick: Gross.

    When I refer to him clipping the unsightly things he tells me it's too painful. Well duh, pretty soon he'll need a larger shoe size. I told him to stand in the shower for awhile, then clip them.

    I'm still waiting.:faint:
  6. mstang67chic

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    *SNORT* I....um.....I'm just going to keep my mouth shut else I get sent to my corner permantly.

    I keep an eye out for good deals on sheets too but it always seems like when I find the REALLY good deals, I'm broke. Besides, while this doesn't happen all the time, it's often enough that I'm not sure I want to risk this happening to a very good set.
  7. DammitJanet

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    Oh I hate toenails!
  8. crazymama30

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    I take pity on husband and trim his for him. He hands me the clippers wehn it is time. It also gives me a chance for revenge!!!!:devil:
  9. susiestar

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    If toenail clipping is painful he needs to see a podiatrist to take care of it.
  10. Marguerite

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    Two things come to mind.

    First - my mother's Great Depression method - first, keep an eye on the sheets and turn them end for end before they wear through. Then if/when they wear through, save the good half. Never try to patch old fabric, but don't throw it away either. Keep it for a baby wrap for hot weather - you swaddle a baby in old, worn sheets for the hold plus the cool.
    But you sew the two good sheet halves together using a flat French seam.

    2) Give him a pedicure. he will love it. He probably needs heavy-duty skin care and callous removal, but your sheets will thank you. My recommendation - you can buy special foot callous creams (we got some Avon ones).They're cheap. Or you can make your own - use vegetable oil base. Or sorbolene. Add a small amount of essential oils of ti-tree, rosemary, lavender, peppermint (it will tingle and feel a bit warm, but it's stimulating). If you mix the oil with the sorbolene, or use oil alone, you get a good oil rub.
    For a good but inexpensive pedicure for him, get him to sit with his feet in warm soapy water in a plastic dish or bucket. You need plastic, because it will be easier to clean without scratching it. And what comes off his feet will probably scratch porcelain or enamel.
    Soak the feet, then if you can while they're wet, scrape off the dead skin. This will probably take repeat treatments over subsequent evenings. Do it in the evening, at least you can be sure his feet will be CLEAN at bedtime. To remove callouses you can either rub with pumice or I sometimes just rub with my fingers. You won't get it all at once, so don't wear yourself out. Trim the toenails while they're soft (go carefully - sometimes the nail bed grow up very high and it hurts to cut them as short as they should be). Go around the edge of the nails, into the cuticle etc and scrape out any dead skin with an orange stick. Use an emery board to file the edge of the nails smooth. Patch any damage with a nail repair kit bot DO NOT use coloured nail polish if he is likely to get upset - you need him on-side for this. I mention the patching because I've had to do this with one of husband's toenails, he gets a vertical crack to the base of the nail and he gets infections through the crack in the nail. In fact, he's due to get the nail re-patched. I use fibreglass nail patches but in the past I've used anything for the patch, including muslin. Or worn sheet fabric.
    Next step - anoint the skin generously with the massage oil. The sorbolene (or any other cream-based lotion) is water-based (or at least has more water in it) and will keep the skin soft. If it's a weekend and you can work on his feet first thing next morning, use this and then some oil. Then the next morning, another application of sorbolene can help you remove more callous, the cream will have kept it hydrated.

    End the session with the oil. Again, be generous, but not so much that you stain the sheets. If you do, then a rub with a bar of soap before washing should shift the oil.

    To use the oil - make sure the skin LOOKS well-lubricated, not scaly or flaky at all. If you can, make him wear COTTON socks to bed, or at least around the house before bed. You can get thin ones that should still let his feet breathe.

    To apply any lotion or oil, just pour it into the palms of your hands to warm it up, then spread it smoothly over the skin of his feet. Don't just focus on the calloused areas, do the whole foot. massage round the heels, the ankles, under the sole (firmly, to avoid tickle problems) and between the toes.

    He is probably going to make some smart-alec remark about you on your knees in front of him, working on his feet. Let him. You are doing something FOR YOU but don't let him know that. Let him think you are doling this because you want to pamper him, you want to try a little TLC on a tired husband after a heavy day at work. Because if HE thinks it's all for him, you have a chance of milking this to your advantage later on. And if you even hint a little, it could be more than a footrub!

    Having said all this, I know husband is going to expect to be met at the door this evening with a plastic tub of warm soapy water to soak his feet in...

  11. Abbey

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    Whew. I was afraid to read this post...and then *someone* or some people just had to have a chuckle. And, it wasn't even Star!!:surprise:

    I wish I had advice, but don't. I'm VERY toe sensitive. I look at ladies who have lovely pedicures and would like to have the same, but I can't even fathom someone touching my feet. It's not that they are painful, just embarrassing. Odd that I wear sandals all the time when I'm not at work. That might change at the first snow fall.:angry-very:

  12. Marcie Mac

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    SO is easy on the sheets, but when it comes to pillowcses, forget it. He sweats a LOT, and hie ruins them in no time flat. Every nice sheet set I have are minus a pillowcase.

    You may want to try Overstock for sheet sets as they have some pretty good deals..

  13. TerryJ2

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    Forget the sheets. I'd got for a canine nail clipper.
  14. hearts and roses

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    Does he drink? Can you kind of relax him a bit and give him a pedicure yourself? I know, I know, gross...but it may be a way of introducing him to it and then maybe he wouldn't be so squeamish about it in the future?

    I have bought 400 thread count sheet sets for easy child/difficult child's beds for only about $20 0 NICE sets. But I can see where that doesn't really fix the problem.

    How about buying one flat sheet for like $7 at Walmat and cutting 1' squares and sewing them onto the spot where H's feet hit your regular sheets? Making it thicker in that spot may make them at least last a little longer - it will take his nails longer to claw their way through 3 layers of fabric.

    Best of luck! The other day easy child's puppy was chewing on something. When easy child pulled it from her mouth, she discovered it was a VERY LARGE piece of toenail from H's foot. EW, GROSS>poor easy child was gagging all over the place and I had to remove the offending nail for her. :faint:
  15. meowbunny

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    My friend had this problem. She tacked an old hand towel to the offended area of the sheet. I'm guessing it worked since I haven't heard complain of holey sheets in several years.
  16. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    (not in a good mood today)

    I suggest:

    Get him a job as a coconut gatherer - with those toe nails getting to the canopy should be no problem.

    Get him a job as a post hole digger.

    Get him a job as a concrete cutter.

    Get him a job as a glass cutter.

    How about a log splitter?

    NASTY MEN TOES - :sick:
  17. mstang67chic

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    But, but......that's means I'll have to **SHUDDER** TOUCH his feet!!!! :sick:

    Although I KNOW he would love it. He's on his feet all day at work.
  18. mstang67chic

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    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    You know.....I DO have one!
  19. Marguerite

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    Actually, in all seriousness - sometimes you DO need something really heavy-duty. I was thinking more along the lines of bone cutters. I had a male co-worker who used to trim his toenails at work, using the bone cutters. The boss used to yell at him, reckoned it bent the bone cutters!

    I guess it comes form being a biologist, I CAN touch yucky men feet if they need it. After al, I could change a dirty nappy. And if you don't touch the feet until AFTER you've had them soaking for a while, at least they should be clean. Wear gloves if you must, but if you want him to do something good for you in return, you need the sensuality of bare hands. Eventually.

    I did husband's feet last night. Doing this post reminded me. And actually, his feet were in pretty good condition - the skin, anyway. But he really loved the foot rub! And once I'd finished, they smelled of mint and sandalwood.

  20. mstang67chic

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    I have been known to rub his feet but um....it's usually after he's in bed and his feet are covered by a few layers of sheet/blanket/bedspread. :bag:

    I will have to get something heavy duty for his nails though. He has actually broken or chipped toe nail clippers.