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    niece and great-niece. Niece is a difficult child in her own right, but has been really trying to be the best she can be. She's working afternoons at a convenience store, her two girls stay with a sitter after school while her husband stays out with friends or at his mother's house during the evening (I'm not impressed with him).

    Her youngest girl has ADHD and ODD. She's doing well with medications throughout the school day and evening but is really struggling in the morning. I gave her what advice and support I could, but niece seemed so... defeated. Niece was a poster girl for ODD as a kid, but now her own child is bringing her to her knees. She has an appointment with the psychiatrist tomorrow and is discussing whether or not the problem behaviors have to do with medication rebound.

    Any good thoughts for them would be appreciated.
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    Sending good thoughts and vibes her way.
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    Good thoughts going out to your niece. I'm sure she feels defeated if her husband isn't participating.