I need some prayers~good thoughts

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by bby31288, Oct 29, 2009.

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    I need some prayers and good thoughts please! Well my house was officially foreclosed on, on Monday Oct 26. We still have some time, but husband and I are anxious to just put this behind us and move on. The Sheriff's office said we probably have until January before anything is done as they are "booked" thru the rest of the year. How sad is that.

    Anyway, I looked at a house to rent yesterday. There are alot of positives. But it is much smaller than we have. But the landlord will let me keep my dogs. Its in the same school district. Has a fenced in yard. So we will have to go thru and get rid of excess stuff, including furniture etc. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

    I guess the prayers I need are that I actually make the right decision. I don't want to rush into things. But everything is pretty good with this including the cost. Under 2,000. I expalined our situation to the landlord because of my credit rating she was understanding. I feel like every decision I have made up to this point turned out to be wrong in the future. So please maybe just a sign that this is the right one.

    Thanks everyone!!
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    So sorry about your house. So sorry you are in the position that seems to be enveloping so many. It must be so tough!

    I'm glad you've found a suitable place. Downsizing can be hard. OR you can look at it is simplifying and making your life more manageable. We do tend to collect alot of stuff we get attached to but really don't need. Maybe this can be a time wher eyou as a family refocus on what things you really value and reclaim their prized place in your household? And heck, extra cash if you can sell stuff off would probably help too.

    Sounds like the rental is in your budget and the landlord is understanding. There's ALOT to be said for a landlord who understands credit problems at this place in time with so many in that struggle. And a landlord who understands the value of your pets being part of your family. I think it sounds ideal, same school district, yard for the family and pets etc. I say go for it! Once you do make a choice on a rental, you and your family can focus on adjusting your belongings to fit into the new place.

    Best of luck, I know this must be hard.
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    Mattsmom, that you so much for the encouragement. This has been an awful experience. There is a alot to be said concerning pets. Of course kids balking because its smaller. But really they hardly spend time at home anymore. Oldest is 19. Incentive to get a job and move out. I could go larger and more expensive, but then we won't have any money to save for our future and hopefully buy something in 5 years or so. I'm thinking the heating and coolig costs will be less also. husband goes to see it tonight with me. Hopefully he will see what I see. Its going to be hard because as of right now he feels like the biggest loser in history!
  4. hearts and roses

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    {{Mary Beth}}}

    Downsizing can be difficult to do and get through, but in the end, it makes life simpler in terms of cleaning, storing, day to day living, etc. Think of an uncluttered space. Open spaces without clutter provide peace for the mind, body and soul. Try to think in those terms as you sell or discard un-needed items. Can you hold a tag sale to get rid of some stuff and make money at the same time (help defray moving costs) or post larger items on craigslist?

    Like you said, your kids aren't home as much anymore and the savings in heating, etc, will be something that you and H can use towards YOUR future together after the kids are finally out of the house.

    Sending some positive thoughts and prayers for the clarity to make the choice that's right for you and H.
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    Im so sorry this happened. I am glad you found somewhere that is allowing your pets and has a nice backyard. Even if it is smaller, it can still be home. I would also think about a yard sale to get rid of things you cant take with you. Let the girls earn some money to decorate their new rooms!

    I am sure your hubby feels badly. I think this hits men the hardest. They are supposed to be the caveman, provider, drag home the meat guys. It is such a blow to them when something happens. I hope he is ok. This is such a tough time in our economy.
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    Many hugs and well-wishes being sent- I'm right behind you in this process, I think. If you have a place to move to, that is the main thing.