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    My son has been in the hospital for three week now I just want him home. I got a call from the cps this morning to discuss so things that my son told her about my husband. She was going to be hear this morning at 10 never showed up. I thought my son was going to be home this weekend but now I have to wait untill they see that this is a safe place to come home too. I understand my sons frustration with his dad, but the stories aren't as he made them to be. So now who knows how long its going to be untill he can come home. Last night he asked "Mommy if you want me home why did you send me hear?"That broke me heart. They were supposed to call me with an guessed time of release ive heard nothing. Im getting so frustrated and Im starting to regret taking him. Im having so many emotions.
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    Im so sorry! I know how scary CPS can be.

    I also know how husband's can be perceived by our kids. Mine is loud, so to the kids he can seem like a monster when hes angry. Hes a big man too, so that in and of itself is scary. Its amazing how their little minds work though and how easily they can twist things. I can be right there and we'll talk about it later and their story is different than reality. Plus, my difficult child's are drama queens, so add that to the mix and it can get blown way out of proportion.

    I read some joke a long time ago from a teacher, I only remember this part though, that the kid told some awful story and she went to the parents, and their response was, "How about, if you don't believe everything you hear about what goes on at home, we won't believe everything we hear about what goes on at school?" Its so true most of the time, although there are times when a child speaks out, it was warranted. I'm amazed at the stories my 3 year old makes up, fortunately none about abuse, but still, if she can make up this stuff, I'm sure she could make up other stories.

    Hang in there! When CPS was called on us, I just urged my kids to be honest and told them I would do the same. It all worked out in the end and nothing was found. It is just such a scary thing to go through on top of our daily lives that aren't typical and certainly aren't easy. I'll be thinking of you!
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    you took him because at that time, you felt there were no other options. you made the best decision at taht time you could, with the information you had at hand.

    call the cps people and tell them you want to know when your son is coming home and why the person did not show today.
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    Thanks I keep praying for strength. Im glad it all worked out for you , that gives me hope.
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    I will certainly keep you in my thoughts. When I look back over my trials and tribulations with my difficult child I remember so many days that I thought I did not have the strength to make it one more day - but yet - I always did. As will you.
    Hang in there - it will get better soon.
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    <<<<<hugs>>>>>>>> I had a hard time with 9 days, honey, I am feeling your heart ache. But do use this time to recharge and plan ahead. <<<<HUGS>>>>>>>>>
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    <span style='font-size: 11pt'> <span style='font-family: Georgia'> <span style="color: #003300"> i don't know how to put this delicately so i'll just say it. the cps worker not showing up for an appointment at your house & lack of communication from the hospital sounds like a huge red flag to me. i strongly recommend you see if you can get in touch with-a lawyer who does family law...with-a concentration dealing with-cps ASAP. missed appts & no communication is usually deliberate & not good.

    </span> </span> </span>
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    Oh gosh I missed the CPS part, which here in NJ is DYFS. We had our 1st DYFS (CPS) incident in April and for us it was a positive. But I agree with Kris no show is not good. We were both very open and honest and of course difficult child I account of difficult child II's outbursts supported everything we said. I will be praying for you.
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    Good morning and thank you as always, you guy are wonderfull. Well se did finally show up yesterday she had questions about what led up to his stay .She talk to my girls and I just urged them to be honest. She also talk to us about a saftey plan for when he comes home. Not to add more salt to the wound, I was told if I dont make a plan I could loose all three children and not just one. She told my daughters that when they see him in one of his rages to call the police or for me to do so.....He just a little boy with an illness. I know I have an obligation to keep my other children safe. I also have an obligation to my son.
    I wanted to tell you guys that Tuesday I finally met his Doctor at the hospital. and she did take him off the stimulant medications as I requested . He has been off of them since Wednesday. He is currently on 200mg of seroquel and takes colanadine three times a day.I was supposed to get an estamated release time on thursday but heard nothing. I called the social worker up there left messages and no call back. Lastnight my son told me if hes good he can go home on Monday. I would like to believe that but Ive heard nothing. Let me tell you, his hospital. is two hours from my home . Some of you have said to rest wile hes getting help & Im exausted from the traveling. I have a husband and two children at home who have been very understanding though.
    Im going to go see him today Any advice on what kind of questions to ask the staff
    before I go , Im feeling sad and discouraged right now. I just want my baby home.... :rolleyes: