I need surgery


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Going north, I don't know about the new anti-nausea medications. My last surgery was in '98 and they hit me with five different kinds of antinausea medicines none of which worked. After 13 hours of puking every 15-20 minutes they unhooked the morphine pump and I was fine. That is not an experience I wish to repeat. So I am going to try to stay away from the opinoids. If I can't, I will only take the synthetic ones. I think because the oxycondone is mostly synthetic whatever causes the sensitivity in me is minimized in that drug. I still get nauseous when I take it but no vomiting. My other fear is that what is currently a sensitivity to the opinoids might develop into a full blown allergy like my daughter's. I used to be just sensitive to shellfish but could eat them. I would just get a very swollen abdomin that would take about a week to return to normal. Last thanksgiving I had a spoonfull of oyster stuffing and had an anaphylatic reaction. My doctor had warned me for years that that might happen and I didn't believe him. Consequently I am now a bit skiddish of tempting fate.
by the way, I also have a milder form of the cold induced allergies that my daughter has. -RM