I need the infantry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    :916blusher: Ok fellow healthful living compadres - I need you!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Since Thanksgiving, I've been into my workouts - fairly consistant at 3-4 60 min. cardios a week and 2 one hour weight training sessions. So, why do I need you? I'm having a tough time sticking with my healthy eating :morecrackers::spaghetti:. I can't say that I'm back to my old eating habits because I'm not really eating out (have eliminated fast food with the exception of pizza and subway now and again), I'm eating much more fruit and veggies - but I'm craving CARBS and CHEESE.

    I seem to be having more cravings lately. I've stayed off the scale this month as suggested by one of the trainers at the gym, but I'm feeling F A T and B L O A T E D! (Heck, I'm still fat).

    What is up with me? Need some encouragement ladies. Do you think it's the year mark? I still love the exercise and am dedicated, but I can't seem to keep my mouth shut (well, that's nothing new, but I man to put food in!!!!).


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    What about the good carbs? Can you eat those? I can't think of what they are off the top of my head (if I gave up carbs, I'd starve to death), but they talk about them in that one diet program....not Atkins...the..ummm....shoot. I'm not really helpful here. I can't think of the name. Something Beach.

    I believe everything in moderation. If I had to give up a food, I'd never succeed. I'd go for a day or a week and then I would binge on them. Could you buy those packets of cubed cheese and just let yourself have one or two cubes a day? It might be enough to satisfy your craving without going overboard. You could even use it as a reward. If I do good on not eating carbs today, I'll have two cubes of cheese or something.
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    Shake it off, Sharon. Take some deep breaths and go back in! You can do this. A couple days of success under your belt will propel you towards better days. The good news is that you are working out! As I've said before, we're in a marathon. Forgive yourself for the *bad* days and resolve to take it ODDAT.

    You're doing great!! ML
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    It could be the year mark. I also think we go through ups and downs with the healthy eating. It's good you are still getting in veggies and fruits. Are you getting in lots of water? That always helps me to an extent.

    Have you tried the Laughing Cow cheese? It's really good and very low points (1 point for a wedge and I spread it on crackers or pretzels). For carbs, which I love, I make sure I eat one Fiber One bar a day. It helps keep me full. It isn't a cure for the carb cravings but it does help.
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    LDM, it's a terrible feeling isn't it? I always feel anxious because I end up out of control.
    I usually pick a day to start and have everything I need in the house to be successful and eliminate anything that sabotages.
    One day on a very structured eating plan helps me feel like I am in control. You can do it for one day. Then you can do it again another day. Build on small steps forward.

    Break it down to a manageable plan for eating. Writing down what I will do on the first day helps me not have to decide when I am getting weak.

    Lots of cold water when ever I'm feeling tempted.

    It doesn't really matter what the reason. There is always a reason. Accepting the ebb and flow of doing the right thing for myself vs. choosing poorly helps me stay humble and on guard.
    You know what to do. It just requires you do it.

    "if you always do what you always did........" you know the rest.

    Believe me, I have been fighting this battle for a long time. It will be a battle the rest of my life.
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    in my humble opinion, you are probably over doing it with exercise and this is causing you to either feel physically drained or emotionally drained and in either case...the bottom line, is that you turn to food for relief. This might be in the form of a craving (or two, etc.). It is only natural to want relief...it is a coping mechanism. Eating too much on any given day will literally wipe away all the exercise you have done for the day. Sometimes, especially if you eat without thinking because you are very tired...you will end up being worse off.

    One thought would be to cut back on the exercise a little. Few people can exercise a full hour, especially vigorously. Over an hour, is really not a good idea at all.

    Many, many folks are "all or nothing" types. So, cutting back seems like a sin or something. They either go all out or do nothing. OR they have something in their head as the way of doing something and never experiment with a different way of doing it...even if that something isn't working out well for them.

    My suggestion, based on a lot of experience and observation....

    Keep up a regular exercise routine, but cut back to 30-45 minutes, about four times a week of gym type exercise. That would be ideal. During the course of the week, take advantage of any "natural" exercise you might get in at other times. This might be taking the stairs at work, parking far away at the mall, mopping your floor like a mad woman LOL!

    If you really enjoy the cardio 1 hour routine, slow down your pace slightly for the next few weeks. Pick up where you left off when you drop a few pounds.

    Can you break up your weight lifting sessions to two....1/2 hour sessions on different days? On the days you do weight lifting, do you also do aerobics? If so, you might want to cut that back to just a few min. warm up.

    Next... concentrate on your food intake. Portion control/good quality foods.
    Consider journaling your food intake...daily. Study after study shows that those who journal what they eat, have better results.

    After years of talking with- women at the gym, I have noticed that many have figured out what causes bloating and what doesn't. If a food obviously bloats you, you should probably eliminate it. (or only have it on a rare occassion and only a very small portion). Journaling and mindfulness will help you to become aware of this.

    Also, many women have discovered that they need to limit their sugar intake in order to help them control their appetites and to lose weight consistently. I have met women at the gym who have developed their own personal plans/formulas about when they willl treat themselves to a sugary dessert...examples...1. days they exercise only 2. weekends and holidays only 3. three times a week maximum. The important thing is to figure out if sugar is an issue for you, develop a plan to cut back and then do so.

    re: other foods....
    Of course, one never can go wrong increasing their veggie and fruit intake! I too like the idea of the Laughing Cow Light Cheese. The Pizza thing sounds like a "comfort food," a dangerous thing in my book (been there done that). Stock up on yogurt and chicken. I would consider buying a few low fat pizza tv dinners like Lean Cuisine and see if that is somewhat acceptable. Perhaps allow yourself one a week.

    Pick up any magazines you see on the shelves, like Shape, etc. that have articles that appeal to you. They are uplifting.

    One more thing...I'm a huge WW fan, and it's always helped me and husband. I think it is fine to take a break from the scale if you are getting stressed about it. However, I think it is not a good idea to do this for too long. in my humble opinion, it is best to weigh once a week. Face the music. If you do not lose weight, or worse, you gain...then look at your journal and give it some thought. Perhaps you have actually eaten more than you thought. Perhaps you need to lower the amount of calories you eat per day. Honestly, you will fiigure it out and it will all pay off in the end.

    Hang in there...wishing you good health and success.
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    I know you know you're NOT alone!!! So many of us know what we need to do to either reach our goals or to maintain them, and yet, so many of us sabotage ourselves time and time again...

    Unfortunately, I don't have enough time to respond now, but promise you I'll be back as soon as I can. Until then, just know I'm thinking of you and truly believe you're going to reach your goals - You are a very strong, determined woman!!! Think of this as just a bump in the road... WFEN
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    I read everyone's responses this morning and think Nomad has a good point. I never really thought about exercise from Nomad's point of view until this morning. From personal experience, I used to do aerobic exercise daily, sometimes more if I needed to release stress and anger. I used to crave lots of carbs whenever I worked out intensely for days on end, for long periods of time.

    Now, because of health issues, I've been forced to cut back on my aerobic exercise. Although I'm not happy about this, I know I'm not eating as many carbs as I used to. It could be argued that I'm burning less calories so my body needs less calories. However, I really do think there is more to it than this.

    I know although I felt much better emotionally after a good run or workout, it was still a love/hate relationship to get motivated to exercise day in and day out. Looking back, I think I might have overdone it at times. There were days I was stressing myself out because I felt like I HAD to exercise. I didn't allow myself to take time off. There were times when I actually gained weight, and I'm not talking muscle mass, when I was exercising constantly.

    I was stressed about working out and stressed by problems at home. And, being an emotional eater, I did what I do best when totally stressed - I ate sugary carbs. I knew I shouldn't be eating them, and yet, I did nothing to stop myself. I just did more of the same day in and day out - Exercise intensely and "pig out" on carbs.

    Fortunately, I did weigh myself daily. Although I've always been at what is considered a "healthy weight", whenever I gained five pounds, a warning would flash in my brain and I would find the strength to stay out of the kitchen. I would lose the weight, continue exercising, and feel better about myself.

    However, I've been gaining and losing those same five plus a few, or minus a few pounds, for too long now. in my humble opinion, there is a definite pattern here. I can see where too much stress from feeling obligated to work out constantly plus too much stress and anger related to my home life, had me turning to sweet carbs for comfort.

    Believe me, I think exercise should be a very important part of everyone's life, (as long as he/she is physically healthy enough to exercise) but like everything else, I'm beginning to think that too much of a good thing might end up being a not so good thing - I've always believed that there is no such thing as good or bad foods - Everything just needs to be eaten in moderation. I just never thought about exercise in this way before.

    I don't think I would have stopped to think about exercise in this light, if I hadn't developed health issues, which have made it physically impossible for me to exercise with the same intensity that I used to.

    Believe me, I still dream of the day when I can lace up my running shoes again, and go outside and just run for the sheer joy of running... However, if I'm ever fortunate enough to be able to do this again, I'll try to remember that moderation is a good thing...

    Just something for you to think about - It may or may not pertain to your situation. Thinking of you and hoping your day is off to a healthy start... WFEN
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    I just thought of something that might help you control your desire for carbs and cheese. Buy yourself a new swimsuit for your April cruise. Keep it in plain sight and try it on weekly. Imagine how good you're going to feel when you put it on and you like the way it looks!!!:D

    A cruise in April - Heaven on earth!!! Just keep thinking about the wonderful time you're going to have!!! And, repeat as often as necessary, "A minute on the lips, a lifetime on the hips. Too many snacks, too tight slacks." (The second saying is an original borrowed from Wiped Out - Hope I got it right!!!)

    And, post here often!!! We'll be here to support you all the way. YOU CAN DO THIS!!! YOU WILL DO THIS!!! WFEN
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    Exercise is really great, if you can do it. I can't. But I still managed to lose weight, by modifying my diet.

    Things I have learned -

    1) Cut back on carbs, but not to Atkins level. Instead, switch to wholegrain where at all possible, and cut out all refined carbs. No more sugar of foods containing sugar. This includes natural sugars. You will quickly find that the sour taste in your mouth that you get about ten minutes after eating carbs, has gone. I used to find that it was that sour taste that had me heading for more carbs of the same sort, to take away that taste. And of course it only gave me a ten minute break from the sour taste.

    2) "Fruit and vegetables" SOUNDS really healthy, but not necessarily so. Some vegetables and mostfruits need to be cut back or eliminated. Sorry. While some vegetables can be eaten in unlimited quantities, some are taboo.
    The ones to avoid are the ones loaded with natural sugars - kumara is a no-no, but it's taste-alike pumpkin is OK. Potato is really bad because it's almost pure carb with little else. When I cook a roast dinner, I don't eat any potato but I add an extra carrot to roast, for me. Cauliflower is perfectly OK. Fruit - if you're middle-aged, female and not very active, one serve of fruit a day is your limit. That means fruit juice similarly, is bad. One serve a day means a piece of fruit OR a glass of juice. If you exercise a lot, you can have a second serve of fruit. No more.

    I used to have a lot of fruit, every day. I would start the day with a fruit smoothie. By mid-morning I'd be ravenous. Now I start the day with my home-made oat-free muesli and I can go through to lunchtime really easily.

    Fruit that is the exception - fruit you can eat without counting it in your allowance - strawberries. Carb vegetables you can eat without counting it - sweet corn (preferably on the cob).

    I switched to brown rice and keep some cooked in the fridge so I can quickly heat some up to have with a meal. You can do a lot with cooked brown rice.

    Basic rules -

    1) No fat. That eliminates cheese except as flavour garnish, or the occasional small piece. Very small.

    2) No sugar.

    3) Wholegrain carbs (moderately) unlimited. White carbs - if possible, eliminate entirely.

    3) Coloured vegetables - unlimited. Exceptions - avoid sweet potato (kumara) and potato. Avoid white rice. Use your common sense and avoid the foods that leave that high-carb post-eating sour taste in your mouth.

    4) One serve of fruit a day. If you want, make it fruit juice, frozen, for evening dessert.

    5) Drink lots of water (aim for 2 litres a day). Do not drink anything with sugar in it. None. No alcohol, either. None.

    6) Take vitamins and minerals. Don't combine calcium with Vitamin C. Get sugar-free supplements.

    7) As a reward, and to boost your vitamin/mineral package, eat 2 small squares of good quality dark chocolate (70% cocoa or higher), every day. It's OK. It's the exception because it's a valuable vitamin pill.

    8) If you can stand them (I quite enjoy them) you may find you need to eat prunes. The dose varies according to how your body works. I find 10 - 15 prunes a day is about right for me.

    Try to not let yourself get too hungry. Having another watery drink can help with hunger pangs. If I'm peckish I often have another bowl of muesli. Keep your serve sizes small, but eat more often if you feel too hungry.

    Your aim is to convince your body that you don't need sugar hits, you don't need carb rushes so your body no longer needs to pump out sudden surges of insulin to handle what you just ate. Over time, your body will adjust back and it should ease the faintness and mild nausea you get from an overdose of insulin. A small amount of brown rice can help with a sudden hunger surge.

    Exercise where you can, but be gentle with yourself. Walking is great. So is swimming.

    I hope this helps. It's pretty much what has finally helped me take off weight (a lot of it) where nothing else has worked for decades. Literally.

    It's been a year for me, almost. I've not regained any weight, except for a kilo or so over Christmas which I've quickly lost again. People tell me I'm still losing weight, but the scales don't agree. However, I AM maintaining.

    Nothing else has worked for me before. I did have help with diet pills, but I've been off them for months and according to the literature, I should have regained some weight as soon as I stopped the pills. But I didn't. The doctor says it's because the pills weren't what did the trick, after all. It was probably the diet, and just the diet.

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    Thanks everyone for the encouragement and ideas.

    A few comments - sugar. I'm pretty regimented when it comes to whole grain. We don't buy white bread or bleached pasta and rice. Everything is whole grain. That has helped the fiber/fullness factor and also cut out much sugar.

    I'm reading a book by Joy Bauer called Joy's Life Diet which addresses the sugar issues. She actually recommends a full week of no sugar or sugar subs to start with. Much of her reasoning makes a lot of sense.

    Fruit - loosely following the WW plan, it's recommended to have five servings of fruits and veggies a day. I usually have a banana in the car to eat after working out. I find that really helps the hunger factor when I get home. I'm not going to limit my fruit intake to one serving a day because I don't think that's something I can live with. I enjoy apples, clementines, kiwi, pears, bananas, blueberries, melons, and strawberries. I believe the benefit of some of these (especially the berries) outweigh the natural sugar compenent. But, my fruit intake is about two servings a day.

    Cutting out all fat is not an option - limiting fat is and watching the type of fat (olive oil vs whole cheese, a few almonds for a snack vs a cookie is what I think is needed for me. I just don't think it's healthy to avoid all fat in your diet - I think you need some.

    I like the idea of the laughing cow cheese - I'll pick some of that up today!

    Fran and Nomad, the portion control and getting back on a strict eating routine is what I need to do!!!!!!

    On exercise. I specifically went in on Saturday to speak with a trainer and get some input on exercise in general, perhaps changing up the routine a little, and find out what I can do with the limit of the tendonitis in my left arm. It was a good meeting and he felt that 3 days of cardio and two days of weight training were great, and not too much for someone who was really trying to loose fat and improve cardio conditioning. He did change up a few things. He took me off all the arm weight machines and put me on free weights. I'm to give my arm about a week off first. He took me off a couple of the leg machines and took me over to a "step" squat machine. By step, I mean that you begin using a bar in "case you can't get up on your own". You slowly, week by week, move back away from the bar. He said the squat works all muscle groups in the legs. I'll still do four leg machines in addition to the squats and I'll be doing four reps of everything. He also said I needed to get on the treadmill on tues and thur when I do weights. He said that since I loved the water classes so much, I should continue them. He said it has tons of cardio benefits, toning benefits and will burn fat. However, minute per minute I will burn more fat on the treadmill because it's bearing my weight rather than the bouancy of the water. He said to just start with 15 min and add a minute or two a week. It's important for warming up the mucles before weights and I should ultimately work up to 30 mins. With the reduction of a lot of the machines, including the treadmill I should be at the gym about 45 minutes twice a week and get a good 3 days a week of 45 min cardio (the last 15 minutes of the class are arms, abs and legs).

    Again, I thank you guys for all your ideas and your support. This weight journey has been little slow steps but I hope, with the help of this board, to continue moving forward.

    WFEN, I'm thinking about that bathing suit idea!!!

  12. Fran

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    Sharon, you are a beautiful person inside and out. You will look amazing in that bathing suit.
  13. LittleDudesMom

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    :916blusher: not quite yet Fran, but thanks! Love ya!

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    Sounds like you've gotten some great ideas. I'm doing 5 days of aerobic exercise with very little (2 lb each) weights (arms only), which is incorporated into the workout. I do what I feel I can handle, and usually don't push myself TOO hard, but am known to anyway. Hips and knees aren't the greatest - can't blame them for being tired. Carrying 250 pounds around on a 5'2" frame for over a year will NOT do the body good.

    I've dropped 60. Re: cheese and carbs, I was a huge binger/gorger, and could eat like, well - like nobody's business! LOL! I have a huge love for cheese, so I get the Mozzarella string cheese - Sorrento makes a good one, and I eat *one* (there's the hard part) with my lunch, 3x a week. I like Marg's idea with the chocolate. Milka (Swiss chocolate) makes an *incredible* chocolate - pricey - so you don't want to eat the whole thing! LOL! BUT, I give it to SO, and ask for a piece or two, maybe once a week, sometimes it's every other, and it has not impacted my weight loss or gain.

    Remember, in order to gain 1 lb, you must eat 2500 calories OVER your normal intake. So, for instance, if you're at 1500 calories per day, unless you eat 4,000 calories in a day (which you'll never do on a piece of chocolate or a string cheese), you're STILL okay! :)

    I hope you're feeling better about things today :)
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    Sharon, I've been hugely impressed by what you've accomplished so far. I know you can make whatever goal you set for yourself. A little ebb and flow is always part of life.
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    Thanks SRL, you are too kind!

    This has been a good week. I'm heading off to my fourth hour of cardio this week. I've done two more hours of 20 minutes of cardio and 40 minutes of weight training. I seem to have finally gotten a handle back on my eating. I think the cravings might havce been part emotional, part something else. I've been under a little stress lately......

    So, thanks for all ideas and the support. I'm feeling up!

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    I'm glad to hear you're feeling better and you've gained control of your eating again:D!!! WFEN