I need to get serious now

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    Went for my follow up doctor's appointment...most of the blood work was fine EXCEPT that my fasting sugar levels are too high. 115. Dr says it should be 99 or below, and 126 is the diabetes number.

    I know I'm fat. I've struggled so much over these last few years, and the weight stays on. Having knee surgery didn't help my exercising, and I just found out I have strep throat. I wondered why I've felt so yucky the past two weeks. Switching off Paxil has really helped my over all disposition, and I lost five pounds in three weeks!

    So...once the strep is gone, it's back to the gym, and back to physical therapy. Watching what I eat even more than I was before. I'm scared. I don't want to poke myself with needles.
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    I'm sorry your sugar levels are high. I know it can be hard to think of watching what you are eating and exercising (along with the physical therapy). Start with small steps. Find what will work for you. Will it work best to do it on your own? Will husband be helpful? Would he workout with you? Are there some forms of exercise you lie better than others?

    As for the eating part, would it be better to do it yourself or join some program? Whatever you choose, know that we are here to support you! Hugs.
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    Hi Mary,

    I'm Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) you are here and comitted to getting healthier!

    There are a couple ladies I do my water fitness classes with that have knee issues and the Monday instructor had knee surgery this past spring! I know that they don't do the tread mill or the elipitical machines, they do the bike. And, water fitness is a fabulous option for the knees, not to mention the cardio really helps the blood sugar issues. Do you have that option at your gym?

    Once you get the strep out of the way, perhaps make an appointment with a trainer at your gym to customize a routine that will help get the weight off and not do any injury or put stress on your knees.

    Hope you are feeling better soon. That strep is a real energy zapper.

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    Mary, sorry that your blood sugar level is high, but good for you for taking action to get things in hand.

    Hope you recover from strep soon.

    One thing to consider, exercise-wise...when my husband was recovering from knee surgery a few years ago, his doctor recommended a recumbent bike as his primary form of exercise. It gives the same cardio benefits as a regular bike, but doesn't put as much strain on knees, hips or back.

    A trainer at your gym can probably come up with a program that works well for you, but that might be something you want to add in...