I really have a strong dislike towards holidays

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by klmno, Dec 24, 2007.

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    Sorry you're having a bad day- hang in there {{{{HUGGGS}}} This sounds like what we call in our house "a moment" which basicly means, I need something now and I have an issue! So, ok, if it's you and Beaner for Christmas and he's getting over a cold and not in the best of moods and your frustrated.... Well, think of some ideas- a movie, how about him getting a bath early and getting to bed early, or letting him open ONE gift of your choice tonight, or make a long call to your Mom tonight. Just trying to think of something to get you through it because my gut feeling is that things will be a lot different and better tomorrow- it sounds like you both just need to get through the exhaustion and stress of today!!

    Merry Christmas! It will turn out alright!
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    PS- I didn't mention the "mom" who's only an hour away because she sounds like the bigger snot and like some people in my family- I quit wasting my time thinking about them. It's us Baby, whether things are going good or bad and we'll make it ok!! You and Beaner will, too.
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    Sometimes not seeing family is much better than seeing them (look at some of the complaints here -- drunken, mean-mouthed SILs, bickering siblings, etc.). Start special traditions with just you and Beaner. He'll remember them as he gets older. He might even try to continue these traditions with his own kids when the time comes.

    Hopefully, Beaner will feel well enough to truly enjoy Christmas tomorrow. After opening presents and church (if you go), go home and fix a special breakfast together. If the weather permits, take a walk and just look at nature. Come home to hot chocolate and a craft or game to do together. Go to the movies or cuddle up and watch a Christmas movie together. Enjoy your time together. Soon, he'll be a teenager and there will be little time together.

    For now, just HUGS!
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    ILMS -

    I'm sorry Beaner is being a snot. The excitement of the holiday can be too much for some of our kiddos. I'm sorry about your mom, too.

    I'm with MB. Start your own traditions. When difficult child was younger, traveling on Christmas was just too much and always ended up in meltdown. So we do all of our visiting and Christmas celebrations with family before Christmas so it's broken up - not so much stimulation at once - and so on Christmas Day she can just chill at home.

    We get up and open presents, have a nice breakfast and spend the day watching movies and playing with the new toys (when the kids were younger, anyway, we played with the new toys). I have to admit, I enjoy not having to go anywhere on Christmas either. It's nice to just be home and enjoy the day with my kids. No expectations.
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    I hope Beaner went to sleep o.k. Believe me I know that I love him but don't like him feeling. difficult child had me feeling like that for about three hours yesterday! I hope your Christmas is a good one and that Beaner is feeling better. Hugs.