I really like difficult child's case

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manager this year. Wish I could keep her for all three years of middle school.

She is so good at calling me about things and still talking positive about difficult child.

She called today to ask if I had heard about anything that happened at school today. Of course, difficult child had told me nothing.

Apparently at lunch today there was a dispute about whether or not difficult child was trying to budge in the lunch line. Two kids somehow ended up blocking difficult child's way and he pushed them, punched one, and kicked one several times.

The supervisor told difficult child to go to the office. Instead he went right to find his case manager. She said he was very upset. They talked and then another teacher walked him to SAR (Student Recovery area) because he was quite agitated and they worried he might hit someone else. He had an hour of in-school suspension (his first all year). He also "fixed-it up" with the child.

The child is also on a point system like difficult child. Apparently he has earned enough points to go to lunch but wants to wait until difficult child catches up point wise (difficult child just went to lunch a few weeks ago). Apparently he and difficult child are friends at school and the boy still wants to wait for difficult child.

The case manager was so nice about it all, said it was solved and taken care of, that she and difficult child had a good talk.

This was his first violence at school the entire year. Her call was so unlike those from elementary school. You can tell she really likes and "gets" difficult child! I'm disappointed, of course, at what happened today, yet glad he was able to fix it.


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Wow!! It is awesome when you have someone who really "gets" your child - and really wants to help.

I am truly impressed that the lunch line incident was handled at school by school employees with-o damaging things being said or done to difficult child - just efforts to help him calm down and face the consequences of his actions. Even more impressed that they didn't call and pressure you to come get him or come to school and somehow "fix" him so it didn't happen again. She just called to let you know about it (knowing most kids would rather NOT tell parents about an incident like that!) but didn't expect you to DO anything.

This woman deserves flowers!!! Is there any way you CAN get her assigned to difficult child for the next year? Sounds like he might really flourish with her to help him.

Kudos to difficult child for making it about 7 months without any violence at school!!! I know today was not great behavior, but it was the first time in 7 months!!! He deserves a hug for making it so long!

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You're right Susie-she does deserve flowers. Truly I wish that we could keep her for next year she is so good for difficult child but she only works with the 6th grade team as far as I know. I hope next year's case manager is just as good. It was really amazing to get the call as an fyi, not to be asked to do anything. It's funny difficult child wasn't in the least upset last night-he was glad he had fixed it all up.

We definitely made the right choice in schools for difficult child. Two days ago he had been very upset because he was apparently so worried about the easy child situation at home that he went to the principal to say he was feeling sad and was worried dad might not come home that night because he was so upset. (husband in no way said or did anything to make difficult child think this-I think he just so felt the tension.) Anyways he said he felt so much better because the principal hugged him and talked with him. He said she always makes him feel bette! No way he could have got that attention at a larger school.

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Sharon, it sounds like you have a wonderful education team for difficult child this year. It's too bad that same team cannot follow him thru middle school ~ he really needs that continuity of care.

Thanks for sharing this positive for us.


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It's so nice to have someone that understands. Not only that, she fixed it without having to go to extremes a typical school would (calling you, blaming you, suspension, detention, all the BS). That's awesome.

Maybe you can complain he's not doing all his work and have him kept back a year? LOLOL! Then he'll be with her again. Ha!

Glad you're happy. You guys deserve that.