I received such a beautiful gift tonight

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by KFld, Dec 17, 2007.

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    My s2bx's cousin and her husband are glass blowers. After my mom passed away I mailed her some of my moms ashes because she makes memory globes. They are these beautiful globes that she infuses the ashes into and puts them on a lighted pedestal. I ordered one for my dad, my brother and myself for xmas. I did not open them and I am giving them to bff Jill and she is going to wrap them for us. On xmas morning we will all open them together as my dad is coming from Florida, so it will be like my mom is here with us on xmas morning.

    Cousin Leslie sent me an extra gift. She made me this beautiful blown glass xmas bulb. I can't believe how beautiful it is. It is clear glass, but irridescent (did I spell that right, I don't think so??), anyway I have this gingerbread house that lights up and changes colors and I placed the bulb in front of it and the colors reflect off it as they changes and it is gorgeous. What a beautiful surprise!!!

    I want to get an ornament stand and I think I could actually leave it out all year long. It's not so much Christmasy looking, so I think I can.
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    I loved your idea and gift - Your Mom can now be everywhere. That's really beautiful. You have a lovely heart!
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    That is just the coolest (for lack of a better word) thing I have heard of. How neat!
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    I love this idea and couldn't think of a more beautiful way to share and celebrate your mom's life and everlasting presence in yours. Perfect.
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    Wow, wish we had done something like this with my dads ashes. That will be so special for you all.

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    What a touching gift.
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    Karen, I was all teary reading this.

    You can leave it out all year. I have some things that are supposed to be 'Christamsy', but I love them so I leave them out all year long.

    Everytime you look at it, you'll be reminded of the kindness of another and the beauty of the season.
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    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: witzend</div><div class="ubbcode-body">How about this?

    Ornament Stand </div></div>

    I know I have one back at the house in the closet. I'll have to stop by and get it. For now I actually like where it sits. I have one of those blankets of cotton under the gingerbread house so the bulb looks like it's sitting in the snow. It's so beautiful.
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    It sounds beautiful.

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    What a wonderful idea, I had never heard of that. Sounds beautiful. Thanks for sharing!