I saw my rheumy doctor again.


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I just want them to say "Poof, all fixed".

doctor was discouraged. MORE swelling than before we started the injectable medication. And I am still in much pain. He changed the injectible medication to another. By the time we got J's appointment done and went to the mall to meat a friend of mine, I was done.

Hurting, swollen, and just not up to enjoying a nice meal out. So friend took a raincheck, I picked up the new backpack thank you asked for, and drove home.




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Those shots are nasty! Next time you should plan to head straight home after. Everyone else can wait, including your difficult child. Or husband can pick it up on the way home. (Believe me, I know all the reasons that he can't, but actually, he can.)

It's tough when we have to learn to put ourselves first when our family's needs are so demanding. But, I also think that it helps them step up a bit when they figure out that they have to help us out. It's not like we're in pain for show!


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I am sorry it is so difficult, still. I thought I was going to wither and disappear when I was at my worst. Hugs to ya! If it helps any, I got a new rheumy and got on a better medication coctail, and have been so much better than I ever dreamed possible. (I had lost hope after so long)
I do an injectible at home, and have another medication that can be injected or oral (for now I do itorally, some cannot due to side effects) and a steroid.
Have hope and hang in there!