I saw the COOLEST Apron!!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by susiestar, Jun 16, 2011.

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    I am not a big apron wearer or lover, but I found one that fascinates me. It is an apron with built in oven mitts. I can NEVER find a potholder or oven mitt. I swear the dryer monster gets them or my kids eat them or something. (Hey, I told them that it is the wrong kind of fiber ...)

    Anyway, this apron has not one but TWO built in oven mitts!!! The top of the apron is normal with the strap that goes around your neck. It has ties at the waist to keep it on, and the bottom part has two mitts sewn into it. It is split at the bottom so the mitts are able to separate from each other to grab the sides of the cookie sheet or pan.

    I found them at www.froobi.com which is a deal a day site that changes deals in the early afternoon (not sure what time, but between 1 and 3 I think. Same time each day but I don't know what it is.) If you do want to order one, they take credit cards and paypal.

    I just have never seen such a thing. I have seen aprons that say all sorts of things and show even more (including very graphic naked people from the waist down- yuck in the kitchen!) but never one that offers this extra function.
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    Hmm. Interesting! I thought you were going to say you found one with-a cute slogan, like, Live, Laugh, Love, Eat, Go Back to Bed. (Okay, that's why I don't write slogans.)