I saw this guy on The Learning Channel this week.......


I watched a program on The Learning Channel this week that blew me away. The title caught my eye, "Half Man, Full Life."

The show was about Jessie Stitcher, from Mississippi. He was born with a condition that rendered his legs twisted behind him and useless, so they were amputated when he was about 3 years old.

He has gone on to do some things that are almost hard to believe. He can climb a ladder and install a TV satellite dish(one of bis businesses). He can move a full revolving rack of clothes, by himself, from inside his thrift store to the sidewalk. He also entertains professionally. He is a family man with a young daughter. Of course, he gets scoped out by all kinds of people, but is willing to be somewhat of a public figure.

I was so interested in the incredible energy and motivation that Jessie has, that I had to tell him myself, so we connected by phone and it was an honor to tell him how impressed I was, not by what he doesn't have - but by what he does have.