I see the Rheumy on Tues.

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    I have an appointment with the doctor I love on Tues. It will be interesting.

    The insurance co changed the way ALL prescriptions have to be written, so I have to have him rewrite ALL my prescriptions. tomorrow will be spent making sure I have the correct way to write them.

    I also need to have the pain medications adjusted. The ins co pharmacy (all rx's MUST go through their pharmacy to get a decent rate) has a different brand of the pain patches I use. The adhesive on these is severely irritating me. So we have to find something else.

    Not to mention that the pain is out of control again.

    I plan to have a list of all the rx's and how they need to be written. I want each one written on a separate piece of paper because some are cheaper by substantial amt at WalMart. So I will take those there and try to get the doctor to fax the rest.

    I also want to push him to see Jessie. To let me make a new patient appointment for her. We will see.

    Anyway, that is my big task this week.

    After the appointment I plan to spend much of the day reading a book at Barnes and Noble.

    And I am going to get pies from Marie Callendars - I have a certif for free pies that expires end of this month!

    Anyone else with doctor appts this week?