I should have kept my darn mouth shut

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    I guess difficult child 1 must have suddenly "remembered" that she's supposed to be a difficult child.

    We have a hormonal, turbo-charged, mega "b"-mode, pregnant teen on the loose, trying desperately to push every button difficult child 2 and I have.

    Ugh. And it's difficult child 2's birthday today. difficult child 1 isn't even going to come to dinner with us. She doesn't want to & I don't want her there. She's too nasty and foul to be around at the moment. That's all I need, her pushing difficult child 2 into a meltdown in the middle of his birthday dinner. (And she's in just the mood to do it, too.)

    I took her phone away from her for screaming at me earlier. All I got is "You're such a "b." That's not fair! You don't do anything when HE (meaning difficult child 2) starts screaming!"

    Ah yes, when all else fails, let's pull out the "you do more for him than me/you let him get away with everything" argument. That's sure to get Mom off your case. Not.

    (Her foul attitude today started about the time her feet hit the floor beside the bed & she's been pushing difficult child 2's buttons all day.)

    Ugh. I think I'm ready to run away from home now. :faint:

    I'm really trying to be understanding. I know she's in her last few weeks. I know she's uncomfortable. I know she has a cold & that's just making her more miserable. I know she's tense about her impending motherhood. I know all of this. And I'm trying really, really hard to be understanding. But, today's attitude is pure difficult child-type b.s. She's miserable & trying desperately to push difficult child 2's buttons so we can all be just as miserable as she is now.

    For example, difficult child 3 was watching some videos on YouTube on their laptop. difficult child 2 came over to watch some of them with difficult child 3. difficult child 3 wasn't upset or annoyed about it in the slightest. In fact, both the boys were laughing & cutting up about some of the videos. Next thing you know, difficult child 1 is chewing difficult child 2 out for "hovering" over everyone when they're on the computer. On and on she griped about him hovering and being nosey. (She wasn't even near the laptop - she was at the kitchen table working on a model!! But you'd think difficult child 2 had been hovering over her shoulder all day, irritating the daylights out of her with the way she just randomly blew up at him.)

    I swear, days like this I can't even leave the room long enough to shower for difficult child 2's dinner tonight. If I leave the room? The two of them will be fist fighting before I even get the water hot. difficult child 1 knows just how to upset difficult child 2 & get him going towards a meltdown. Unfortunately, difficult child 2 just doesn't have the ability to ignore her & not take the bait. We've tried for well over a year to help teach him how to tune her out so that she can't push his buttons, but he just can't seem to do it. He can't "not" respond. difficult child 1 takes full advantage of it, too.

    Ugh. I think the boys and I should find a nice cooshie hotel room somewhere & let difficult child 1 ride out her own nasty attitude by herself. I'm thinking a jacuzzi tub & some room service might be just what the doctored ordered. :sick:

    Or I could still find a nice Catholic boarding school on a deserted island somewhere to send her. Heck, at this point? A wooden box shipped parcel post to some Artic outpost somewhere sounds just as appealing.
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    The way you wrote this made me chuckle- sorry. I'm sure you are about to pull your hair out, and I don't blame you. But on this one, I think I would try to just keep hanging in there with what's acceptable and what isn't- she's 16yo in the last weeks of pregnancy- boy, what a lot to be going through. My family stayed in turmoil and way over-heated arguements that got blown way out of proportion the first few weeks of my baby's life. That's what I remember about his birth, when it comes to my family. So, try really hard (even though you feel like moving out), to just hang in there- in less than 2 mos, you will have a grandbaby and the world will change.
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    WOW, can I relate to the moody teen!!! What happens those last few months. And why is it that the pregnancy hormomes seem to level them out for the most part????? I thought that was so crazy!!!
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    Is she the one with Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD)-not otherwise specified?
    If so, is she getting any help specifically for that?
    I'm guessing a boarding school would find her too "different" and not accept her. She really needs hands on help.
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    Sounds like a horrible day! I can see why a boarding school or the Artic sounds like a good place to send her.
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    Gotta tip my chapeau to you for just having the stamina to make it through the day! I've got a 12 year old daughter I'd like to send to a boarding school in the Arctic, maybe they could be roommates....