I surved !!!

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    Hey everyone, just wanted to let you know I survived my first holiday despite all the changes in my life.

    My dad came in last Sunday and has been frozen all week and lets me know it every two seconds :smile: I love him dearly but the older he gets the more he complains about EVERYTHING!!!! I have just sat back and bit my tongue all week because this was after the first Christmas without my mom. It's just tough because he stays with me and because he felt it was as cold as the antarctic, even though it was seasonably mild, it was a very very very long week. I got up this morning and he was sitting on my couch with his winter coat on all wrapped up in blankets :smile: I shouldn't complain though because I know he will never come here in the winter again.

    We had easy child's 18th birthday party last week and it was the first social event I shared with s2bx. Get this, he walked right by my bff Jill without a word and when she questioned him on it he told her him and his girlfriend aren't trusting anyone anymore and that he's mad at her for hurting me because she answered me honestly about his affairs!!!! So I guess he's not responsible for hurting me now, it's my bff's fault for being honest with me.
    Then I went to s2bx's youngest brothers house on Christmas eve, who by the way has been very cold to everyone, including me, like I was the one who did everything wrong. You can tell his girlfriend is telling him how he needs to treat everyone. I just ignored him, he left really early and I spent the rest of the evening enjoying the people who are my friends and still consider me family, including my mother in law.

    Then on Christmas day I had my family over and s2bx for dinner at the request of my children, and it will be the last time. He wasn't that bad, but he wasn't that good either. He ate dinner, had desert and left.

    All in all it was a pretty nice holiday. The highlight of it all was on Christmas day when my dad, my brother and I all opened our memory globes that contain my moms ashes. They are beautiful. I put mine on the lit base and plugged it in and it has been lit ever since.

    I haven't really had a chance to get on much and catch up on how everyone elses holiday went, but I'm hoping they were happy and uneventful. I'll have more time in the next few days as I'm bringing my dad to the airport tomorrow morning.

    Catch up with everyone then.
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    As a Floridian I must say that our blood is different :rolleyes:
    we ARE no more intended to be in Conneticut in the winter than
    are our native alligators! As much as he loves you I bet he is more eager to head South again than you are to wave bye bye.

    husband took me to Killington for our honeymoon 31 years ago and I kid
    you not :smile: I kept my long johns on 24/7 and could barely wait to get back home.

    Glad the holiday went OK. Did the kids enjoy his presence or was
    he too obviously eager to split? DDD
  3. mstang67chic

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    Sounds like you did great! (Even more class than your trash can! :smile: Even if he didn't behave 100% appropriately, you held your chin up, had a good time and didn't let him get you down. :flower: Sounds like he may have been a bit miffed that you are still in everyone's good graces! **insert tiny snicker here**

    Cold weather blues aside, I'm glad to hear you had a good week with your dad. The memory globes sound beautiful! Any chance you can post a picture?
  4. busywend

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    Karen, every time he does something idiotic, must make you a bit happier to be out of his negative, mixed up life. How could he possibly justify BFF being at fault for anything?? Argh!

    Glad you survived! Way To Go!

    :bravo: :smile:
  5. Kathy813

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    That was a tough Christmas for you with too big firsts ~ being without your mom and separated from your husband.

    I think that you did a great job and I'm really impressed that you were able to put aside your own feelings about S2BX for the sake of your kids.

    Great job!

    by the way ~ DDD is right about people getting used to living in warmer climates. I'm sure I would have been cold, too. In fact, I wear Cuddle Duds (silk long underwear) all winter long here in Atlanta. I would probably have been sitting inside your house with a hat and gloves on.


  6. Scent of Cedar II

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    Very classy Karen, the way you handled everything with stbx.

    I'm glad your dad is there with you, too.

    So sweet and funny, about him sitting on the sofa all wrapped up and complaining about the cold!

    But you know? I remember having visitors from the warmer states when we lived in Minnesota. We could never understand how they could be so cold when the temperatures seemed almost balmy to us. But now that we have been South for so long? We go back home and shiver like a native Floridian.

    (Or person from Atlanta, Kathy :smile: .

    You have come so far in just a few short months, Karen.

    I'm very sure I wouldn't have been able to host stbx for dinner.

    Not without slipping a little ExLax into his wassail, anyway.


  7. hearts and roses

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    That's excellent Karen - you did very well! I'm glad you were able to enjoy this holiday as much as you did. The globes still sound so beautiful.

    I had my exh for Christmas dinner that first year and it was also our last. It wasn't so much because I couldn't stand him but mostly because I was ready to start my own traditions with my daughter's. Since we always switched off and on for holidays, I figured he could start his own with them as well.

    Kudos to you for being so big about everything!
  8. saving grace

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    Karen, glad to hear all went well and everyone is still in once piece. Man your ex is a winner huh? He still cant take responsiblity for his actions. Well what comes around goes around and he will get his in the end. His actions will come back to bite him in the butt.

    How was difficult child/easy child? you havent really mentioned him lately, what ever happened with his script and insurance?

  9. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911


    Wasn't Jill just a peach for telling you? And yes, yes we ALL know that Dave's infidelity was ALL BFF Jills fault - she set them up, she put them together. Yup. Maybe when she has gas that could be Daves fault? About on the same level of thinking.

    Like BW said - Okay seriously - aren't you glad to be shed of him?

    And as far as the dinner at your house? I wondered how that went - I even thought of you and how gloriously smashing your house would have looked and I hope it drove a stake right through old Prince Vlads missing heart." Again horses patootie - but I think you needed to show him - once and for all that you are fine without him

    Living well is the best revenge - even if you aren't out for revenge.

    Now you can cross it off your list - and know - you did it, you did it as a gracious host, with class and you don't have to bother with that chore any more. BRAVO lady! Bravo.
  10. Stella Johnson

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    Glad you made it through!

    What is a memory globe?