I think difficult child may be sensitive to paranormal

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    Since difficult child was 5 or 6 he has told me that he sees things. He was not on medications at that time and I kind of chalked it up to an over active imaginiation. Once he was put on medications that made him see and hear really intense things, one of those times we were in a mexican restaurant and he was climbing all over me wanting me to hold him. My friend said what is wrong? I asked him and he said that he was hearing screaming. I found out by accident later that the restaurant was built on what used to be a cemetary. Just creeped me out.
    Since we moved to Virginia last year, some strange things happened. In our house that we just moved out of last month, his radio would shut on and off by itself. His TV would do the same. He came running out of the bathroom one day white as a sheet and said that when he walked in there, the toilet paper roll started spinning fast all by itself. I went in there and all the toilet paper was off the roll in a heap on the floor. When we were showing that house trying to get it rented, there was a hispanic family that came to look at it, and they were there all of about 2 minutes when they said something to each other in spanish and quickly left. They didn't even look at the upstairs or back yard or anything. It just made me wonder.
    Well now we live in military housing way out in the country. This is a brand new house, so of coarse I was hoping that nothing strange would happen. But today, I called the house to tell difficult child to go get his karate uniform on and he said that he was scared to go into his room. He said that he was up there playing music and his trophy fell off of his dresser and then his water bottle fell off of his desk which is on the opposite wall.
    I want to find out the history of the area we live in, because many of the houses on the main road have very very old tombstones right in their front yard. husband says that back in the old days it was not uncommon for people to bury their loved ones by their homes. I just find it kind of strange. I know that George Washington had a canal built close to where we live and I think a war was fought here too. If anyone knows anything about the history of chesapeake, va...please let me know.
    As far as difficult child goes, I am at a loss as to how to handle these things. I have just matter of factly looked at him and repeated what he says back to me. I don't want to down play it and make him feel like he is losing his mind (I have seen and heard the tv and radio thing in his room), but I don't want to over react and make him feel unsafe in his own house.
    I asked husband today (after the phone call about karate uniform) what he would say if I told him I thought difficult child was "sensitive" and he said that I am full of it. He doesn't believe in anything paranormal.
    any suggestions on how to handle this?
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    Yes. Does difficult child have a history of lying? You've witnessed some of the occurances, so why not take a spin at believing him? There's a new show on the SciFi channel that's about kids with paranormal "gifts". I believe that difficult child 1 and 3 are what I call "sensatives". I think they are sort of like "empaths" that feel things. What? I don't know for sure, but where's the harm in exploring the possibility?

    Have you ever watched Sylvia Browne on Montel Williams? She's going to be on that show on Wed. She's also written quite a few books on various subjects.

    Should he be scared? What's he scared of? Is there a threatening presence or is it just that he doesn't understand what's going on?

    I don't know, I really believe that if we're willing to believe in people's souls moving on when they pass, why not believe that they can communicate? Personally, my favorite shows on tv are Ghosthunters, Paranormal State and others like them. It's interesting.

    As far as Chesapeake? Anything immediately North or South of the Mason/Dixon line was very, very active during the Civil War. Chesapeake was key in the shipping for materials to both the North and South. Whoever controlled the bay was able to supply their armies. It was the same during the Revolutionary War as well.

    Embrace this with him as a gift rather than a curse and allow him to openly discuss his experiences with you. It's the best way for him to not be as scared and not feel like an "odd man out"!

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    thanks nvts. i too like those paranormal shows, but have been hesitant to let him watch them with me. i know he is not lying, because of the look of horror on his face when these things happen. he doesn't have a history of lying either.
    thank you for the suggestion about changing it to a positive thing. i will try that.
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    as one who has been told I have a "gift," I have a different perspective.

    I was raised in a dysfuntional home. I learned to keep my antennae raised at all times. I could walk in a rm, meet someone for the 1st time, and if the hair on my arms stood up and my stomach went in a knot, I would know to run, not walk for the door.

    ESP? Nope. Just a person who reminded me of someone else. A bad someone else. 99% of the time, I was right.

    I am not saying there is anything wrong with-your homelife. Just that it is quite common for ACOAs to have ESP, when in fact, it is just a heightened sense of surroundings created by necessity, for self preservation.

    Some of this is genetic, too. (I'll address that in a min.)

    Also, when your difficult child is older, I would recommend The Gift of Fear, (Amazon.com) especially for kids who want to travel alone.

    If used properly, this "gift" is truly a gift. It saves a lot of time. Why buy a book on Myers-Briggs or eneagrams and attend numerous seminars to hire an employee, when you can just go with-your gut?

    If encouraged by superstitious friends/and/or relatives, this "gift" can be a curse, wasting a lot of time and energy and taking a perfectly normal human being (albeit one with-impulse control issues) and making them into a nonfunctioning neurotic.

    I find that my antennae are raised when I have caffiene, when I'm sleep-deprived, or when I have PMS. I learn a lot more about people and situations, but I also take them to heart waaaaay too much. That's the bad part about being an "empath."

    I would encourage you to humor your difficult child in the sense that if he sees things, you listen long enough to determine whether it's something you can explain logically or something that may disturb him, ie. somehting you can't explain but don't feel is bad enough to actually be a danger, either real or imagined.

    A TP roll unraveling all by itself is very common, for example. I had it happen just last wk. After studying the roll for a few secs, I realized that the cardboard holder was slightly warped, creating an imbalance, so the roll would continue to be weighted toward one side, forcing it to turn over repeatedly until all the tissue was gone.

    Teach your child that reason is the rule of the day.

    But to be sensitive to your surrroundings can be useful, and sometimes lifesaving. Methinks you have an artist, poet or musician on your hands ...

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    Ooops, forgot to tell you, that VA and lots of Southernn states are rife with-Civil War history. There are tours in Alexandria and Williambsurg, for ex., that are called "ghost tours," and an author named LB Taylor who has written many ghost story books about historical places in VA. They are, at their best, great ways to teach kids history that would otherwise bore them to tears.
    So, in reg. to Chesapeake being more prone to paranormal issues than any other place, I think not.
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    ok I am the girl who made my Dad my closet door off after seeing Poltergeist! This thread give me goose bumps <<<praying you'll come to a conclusion and that God would watch over your family and difficult child>>>
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    It's been said that young children see and hear things that as we get older tend to lose the perspective of.

    Without his being there, have you thought about walking through the house talking to the energy? Telling them it's your house and you don't want them scaring your child?

    My great granny died in May 1999 ~ I was 5 months preggo with- difficult child and easy child 1 was 15 months old. She died while I was in route to say goodbye so we got there just minutes after her death. I handed easy child 1 over to my grandpa and went to granny's side, told her I loved her and would miss her then gave her a kiss on her forehead. For over a year, I felt her presence very strongly. Late 1999, I was feeding difficult child and had a cool breeze go across my arm. I took it as a sign and called my grandparents to make sure they were ok. Of course it became a joke between grandpa & I that granny was coming to get me lol Nine months later as I was laying in bed with- easy child 1, she says, "No granny, you have to sleep in your own bed, I sleep in mommy and daddy's bed". I asked who she was talking to and she told me granny, I asked where granny was and she pointed .... as excited as I was to want to see granny, I was too scared to look and told easy child to roll over and go to sleep lol A couple months later, I left H and I have never felt her since. For me it was an epiphany that she was worried for my safety and was there watching over the kids & I. When grandpa died in Oct 2004, I so wanted to feel his presence, but never have. I can only feel that grandpa was content with- where I was in life and not worried.

    When easy child 1 was around 5, she woke up screaming one night ~ blood curdling scream. husband & I ran in there and she said someone had just come through the wall and spanked her really hard .... I did look at her bottom but didn't see any marks. It was enough to freak me out for a bit to say the least.
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    Miss KT also sees things that the rest of us don't. When she was about 3, she told me that Gipps (my grandfather, who died long before she was born), would sit in the rocker and read to her at night.

    Several months after that, she was really sick, couldn't keep anything down, had wiped out all but one couch cushion, and I'd folded a blanket so she could lay next to me on the couch. The light flickered, and Miss KT woke up, asking, "Who touched my head?" It wasn't me...and I told her I didn't see anybody, but what did they look like, and she described my Nana, who had died a year earlier.

    Last summer, my mother told me that Katie told her there were two old ladies sitting on the deck watching them swim, then she described both my grandmothers, but as if they were younger.

    I do believe in the paranormal, and I believe that Miss KT has seen these things.
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    I believe most anything is possible.

    I saw my grandfather in our home when we moved to OK. I was a teen. He died before I was born and there are NO pictures of him dressed the way I saw him. My bro saw him also - we thought that a stranger was actually in the house! It wasn't until we asked my mom about him that we figured out who he was. He was checking to see if everything was OK - my dad was the first of his sibling and first cousins to move far away from home. Grandma was worried about us, so Grandpa came to check everything out.

    I also saw him several times holding my Gma's hand late at night while she was very sick. I saw him the night before she went into the hospital and died. He was just sitting with her, holding her hand. It was about the only time she was calm.

    My parents house has a ghost. She is the lady who owned the house just before us. She watches over the children. When difficult child was attacking Jessie the ghost came to get me. She also somehow kept difficult child from screaming at jessie in the night. difficult child would be yelling terrible, awful scary things and you would not be able to hear him less than 5 feet away near jessie and thank you. It happened several times. she also protected me from my brother some nights when I was a teen.

    We call her the "white lady" and thank you used to ask who she was 'cause she would be singing to him at night. And when my niece is staying the night at my parents we often see the "white lady" watching over her.

    There are more things than we can see in this world. It is entirely possible, but it also should be understood that they can't HURT you.

    If you have ever walked any of the battlefields from the civil war in VA, you can feel things. At least I could at Yorktown when we would go visit. Sometimes my hair stood on end, etc... but it was not anything that could hurt me.

    Tell you son he can ask them to leave him alone. Just quietly and respectfully ask, oftne that is all that is needed. But, as Terry said, it can also give you instincts about people that can help, and or be lifesaving if they keep you away from dangerous people.