I think Eeyore finally listened to the sex talk

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by JJJ, Sep 24, 2012.

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    Eeyore is very immature for his age but he does have a girlfriend and with his skewed idea of social norms, I can totally see him deciding that when their 1 year anniversary happens that they "have to" have sex. Especially if his friends push it! husband and I have been trying to get him to listen and comprehend the value of abstinance as well as the importance of making sure that the girl doesn't just say yes but that she gives "enthusiastic consent" and they use a condom.

    At his physical today, I asked one of the male medication students to talk to him and Eeyore stayed in the room talking with him for a long time. While the doctor couldn't tell me what they talked about, he did confirm that Eeyore participated in the conversation. Maybe something sunk in....
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    Cross your fingers and hope. I am not looking forward to teen-age years with mine.
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    Janet -- that is exactly it....oh, the date rape fears! He is still so egocentric that he really struggles with comprehending that not everyone wants what he wants; add to that, current girlfriend shows some signs of mild hyper sexuality and yikes! And there is a girl, a very mentally ill girl, that is 'waiting in the wings' and I fear that if current girlfriend dumps him that the crazy one will try and quickly tie him to her with sex.

    On a good note, I was checking Tigger's texts with his girlfriend and the topic of sex comes up (discussing a rumor from school) and Tigger tells girlfriend that jr high is way to young to have sex and that you should be married for a few years first and "if my wife tries to force me to have sex before we have been married for a few years, I'm going to tell her to stop being so nasty and just wait" lol
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    Oh, dear ... I can only hope.

    For your son and mine ...
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    LOL at Tigger. I hate to tell you this JJJ. I had just entered 7th grade as a very innocent and naive kid who had been very sheltered at a church based private school. I was dumped into a public school for 7th grade. Straight away I learned what sex was. Before that I had always wanted 10 kids because I was an only child. When I learned what you had to do to get those kids I was shocked and appalled. I swore that would never happen to me and I would just adopt them.

    Well a year later I was doing the nasty and forgot all about my ideas that I had sworn off sex forever...lmao.