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Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by toughlovin, May 25, 2012.

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    Phew... well when I asked him via text, he did text me that he was there and admitted and waiting in the waiting room. So unless he is smoothly lying to me and has some other plan he is at the new place. Its a sad state when you question everything, absolutely everything your child tells you!!! However I don't see how he could have made any other plan since he only got his phone this morning when he left!!

    What a beaurocratic nightmare to get everything set up... and to get him transported without giving him much money for cab fare!! We didnt realize until last night that he had to be there by 3 pm today so we were crazy on the phone at midnight making plane reservations, talking to airport transport companies getting it all set up. It was nuts... but we did it and he is there.

    I talked to him yesterday and he sounded pretty good. He says he is ready to work on himself and hopefully that is true and this place will be able to handle his compulsive, impulsive, very difficult child behavior. Unless he managed to get high at the airport somehow he should arrive there sober and clear headed at least. I told them to give him a couple of dollars for coffee but thats it....and the transportation was all paid for.

    So I am going to try and get on with my day.... I am exhausted and burnt out from the stress of this week.... but tonight I should be able to sleep well.

    I am hopeful, although very cautiously... I do think from the letters we recieved and talking to him that he is starting to get to his underlying issues and that he wants to do that. I think that is key.

    I am thinking of all of you... and what you are all going through although I have not responded as much lately.

  2. Nancy

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    I am in awe of all you have been able to accomplish long distance for your difficult child, and you've done it again. I don't think I would be able to do that nearly as well as you have. I'm glad he's there and is willing to do the work. I'm anxious to hear about the program and how he is progressing. I have to hand it to you TL, you have searched high and low for the appropriate help for your difficult child. He has no idea how lucky he is to have you in his corner.

  3. Kathy813

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    Yes, it is sad that we always automatically think our difficult child's are lying but it is a conditioned response. Like Nancy, I am in awe of what you have accomplished. I don't think I would have even known where to start.

    Relax now knowing he is in good hands.

  4. Calamity Jane

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    You're a genuine, fire-breathing, hot-coal walking warrior mom! You are the best, and difficult child is lucky to have you!
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    I've had to do this for other reasons, and it doesn't matter why you do it, it takes about 2 days to recover from the mix of anxiety, adrenalin and other hormones flying around..

    Good job!
  6. lovemysons

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    No doubt you are exhausted and burnt out.
    Job well done! And ditto to difficult child being SO lucky to have you!!!

  7. pinevalley

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    TL: I have no idea how you found this new place, and made all the arrangements for your son at the last minute. You are an amazing mom!! I will pray that your difficult child will find the answers to his problems at this new place. I am also sending you good wishes for a week-end of peace and quiet. HUGS...
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    This new place was a referral from the place he was at. It is actually a psychiatric hospital setting!! I talked to him yesterday because he needs money for cigs. LOL. Then he called again last night and we had a good conversation. He says it is really boring.... but of course he arrived on the Friday of a long weekend so a lot of the groups are not happening. The other thing he said which might be kind of disconcerting to him is that most of the other patients are women my age. LOL.....I told him that he is there to really work on himself and maybe this way he wont get distracted by young attractive women..... of course it worried me and I started thinking oh no this isn't right. Then I thought wait a minute maybe he will get that he doesn't want to waste another 30 years before dealing with the issues that make him do the things he does. There is a real advantage to being young. His attitude was also good for him...he was keeping an open mind, was not angry or upset, just kind of waiting to see what happens next week. Which says to me he is really sober for one thing.... So I am anxious to hear how things go next week. Meanwhile I know he is safe and that always helps me sleep.

  9. toughlovin

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    And by the way thanks for the kudos.... I really think all of us hear are warrior moms.... who do the absolute best for our kids. Hopefully some day they will understand and appreciate us for what we have done and for how much we love them. I really don't think my son understands at all how much I love him or why I do. He cant really take it in.... and you know I am not sure I understood a mothers love really until I was a mother.

  10. buddy

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    I always feel like I am hearing cartoon music behind me in those kinds where animals are running around in circles into holes and chasing each other during situations where a bunch of details have to be worked out quickly. I dont think I have ever had to do THAT complex a task though....wow, pretty impressive. SO glad he is there and safe. Too bad it is a holiday weekend to start out but he can get to know a couple of people maybe and maybe he can be comfortable enough to talk. Staff may not be all tied up with groups and he may get some more individual attention to start him out too. (just hoping for him!)

    Hope you get some good updates. A nice long weekend to get some sleep, yippee for TL!
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    Whenever I think of you and your son I think of Dr Phil getting a kid into a placement...lol. A bunch of old women huh? Lord I hope they dont turn into Cougars! You didnt send him to TX did you? That is where Dr Phil sends all his patients. Wouldnt that be funny. Of course if I had to go someplace like that, I would want to go on Celebrity Rehab. That is one fancy place and their Sober House is beautiful! But if you ever watched that, almost every one of those patients had an underlying mental illness that they were being medicated for.
  12. exhausted

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    TL, so glad he is safe and there. Hope this turns out to be what helps him. What a wonder-mom you are. I don't know how you find the time and money to do all you have done for your boy just since I have been on the board! This kid is one lucky duck and someday, he will realize it to be true. Good work mom!
  13. toughlovin

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    We are lucky to have good insurance, that he is under 26 and the new health care plan so he is still on our insurance and we do have some resources..... and the time is at times difficult!!

    And Janet.... one of the places was in TX but that is not where we went him!! LOL. It was a place for a lot of "professionals" and i suspect he would have felt like a duck out of water.... although he may feel that with all the older women too. LOL. He is such a good looking kid I do wonder if they will be cougars... but I think they keep a pretty close eye on that kind of thing.

    I hope some day he realizes that he is lucky to have me in his corner but I have given up counting on that.