I think I am gonna get sick...Hotel warnings...

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    Because we have to travel too much especially in the past I can't even recall how many glasses I have drank from... I think I will bring my own... I do usually bring a water bottle with our own water, but I will pour it into glasses for us... Luckily a lot of places have moved to plastic cups.

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    I've heard other horrible things like if the beds aren't completely messed up, they will just make the bed without changing the sheets!

    That video made me ill.
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    Makes me feel better that I've never used their glasses. On the rare occasion I've ever stayed in a hotel I drink out of my soda bottle.

    Ewwwwwwwww :ill:
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  6. So sad to say, this is a news story from one of our local TV stations and all of the hotels examined were in the Atlanta area. It has caused quite a stir here. My husband had to travel to the North Florida area last week. He said that there was a written notice in the bathroom that stated that the glasses in the bathroom had been cleaned in a dishwasher but that the temperatures were not considered high enough for food service standards - and it was signed by the local health department. We've never seen anything like this in our travels before and we're guessing that this is due to the local story which obviously has hit the internet. We're proud of our local reporter because she exposed something that needed to be exposed!
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    THere's no icon for barf, barf, barf! :nurse: NASTY GERMY PLACE
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    I remember back in my uni days, the microbiology class had an 'excursion' to the uni cafeteria. They tested the cutlery and the plates for bacterial contamination and anything else they could find. The results were rather disturbing, to say the least. A lot of faecal coliforms were grown and they even found cheek epithelial cells on cutlery that supposedly had been through the dishwasher.

    Hmm, no wonder we kept getting food poisoning!