I think I have a job!!

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    Ok, it's temporary (2- 2 1/2 mos with possiblity of longer if they get more work) and won't pay much- that's the bad news.

    But the good news is that it's in my field, they (2 partners) had to downsize and move out of their office into a mother-in-law apt for an office due to the profession plummeting so they have no space for me there and want me to put the software (they are willing to provide) on my computer at home so I can work at my house (which means flexible hours)!! It buys time and a couple of other firms in my profession around here have said they will need people as soon as financing allows their projects to move forward.

    I go to their house/office tomorrow to look things over and pick up software so we can make sure we figure out how to get it on my computer and working. They don't have it on anyone else's computer since they downsized so it is legal to switch it and put it on a different employee's computer.


    I wanted to leave this area due to GAL and so forth but PO almost has me talked into giving him a fair chance that he won't turn into the probation officer. If that's the case, it sure would be nice to not have to move. Although I went to the employment office yesterday and the man tried to help- he told me which temp agancies would be best able to help me specifically, if any could, and gave me ideas on how to better search their website for misc type jobs throughout the state and he's going to mail me a list of companies in this state that prefer veteran employees so I can apply with them. Those would not be in my field but still, any employment is better than nothing.

    The advantage if this works is that it gets the software on my computer and I might be able to find other people needing me to work from home, which means it could lead to self-emplpoyment. :D Also, once difficult child is home, if I'm working from home it eliminates that problem of getting him to PO during normal business hours. I tried all this a few years ago but difficult child sabatoged my work and got a virus on the computer and wouldn't let me work if he was home. He's just going to have to understand that he has no choice this time- he CANNOT ever do that again. Probably the biggest advantage though is that it will be easier to get a job if I'm not showing a 1 year unemployment as the most recent thing on my resume.

    If this works, I can keep the house and take in a border to help with the lower pay, I think. I just am a little worried about that leak in the spare room. It's in the middle of the ceiling and I'm not sure a bed can fit in there without being leaked on. LOL!
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    yeah!!!!!!!!!! for!!!!!!!!!!!! you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    way to go gal!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    praying it all works!

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    Thank you! I'm praying, too- at least it will buy some time, right?

    You know, it was kind of odd. After I finished my coffee this morning and was getting ready to start doing the stuff this man at the employment office suggested, I saw the phone book and realized that I hadn't called places around here in about 6 weeks so maybe I'd just try a few calls one more time. And then it turned into this one place calling me back twice within 2 hours trying to figure out how we can make this work.
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    YAY!!!!! Good luck!!!
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    Well, now the guy in the neighboring state just emailed and wants to meet me in person if I'll go there for a visit. LOL!

    I was wondering, since my internet/telephone are going out so much while the company redoes their lines and there's still a possibility that I might have to move, I'm thinking about getting a cell phone but if I stay here for this temp job in my field, I'd like to get my name listed in the yellow pages under this profession. Can you do that with a cell phone number? How much does it cost?
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    Great news!
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    I am praying too!!!!!!
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    Very cool!
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    My internet and phone have been off half the day- it was off 2-3 hours and now goes back and forth every 10 mins or so. Anyway, I found a voice mail from earlier today from another person nearby who's interested in talking to me about work. I think I might push for getting the software and working from home in order to keep the house, then if things are going better I can buy my own software so if the temp job doesn't last I won't be doing anything illegal and have a shot at starting my own business.. (It's not illegal as long as I work for them.) They were sure today that they want my help, we just haven't talked about pay or details. That's what we're supposed to talk about tomorrow.

    As far as the job out of state, it would be permanent and full time, but it would mean losing my house and living close to my mother. And that's assuming I got the job- I don't even know if he's sure he wants to hire anyone yet. So I haven't decided if I should go down there and meet with him or not, just in case I end up needing a back up plan. The thing is, I would ddefinitely go but if this place tomorrow is in a real crunch and needs work done by mid-next week, let's say, then I need to stay home and do it instead of going out of state a few days.
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    And thanks, everyone, for the well-wishes and bearing with me!! I can see a light now!!

    So- does anyone know about listing a cell phone number in the yellow pages as a business number?

    If difficult child so much as gets near this computer or touches my work this time, he won't need to worry about a razor to get those hairs off his face. LOL!
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    I knew it!
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    Im not sure about listing a cell phone.

    However, to get you through this bad patch with the phone company and it going in and out, you can get a prepaid that is like 30 bucks a month at walmart for 1000 minutes and 250 messages and unlimited web I think. I cant remember exactly. I think target has one similar. I think one is called net10 or something. or netzo or something like that.
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    That might be the best idea, Janet. Then once I feel more comfortable that this longer term goal can work, I can look into a clell phone plan and listing my number in the yellow pages. If it doesn't work out, I can use the prepaid for getting calls about any other employment. They probably won't need listing for yellow pages for a few months anyway.
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    Very good! Congratulations!!!!
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    This is wonderful news!!!

    But now after all this drama...I am dying to know just what the heck IS your field anyway???
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    Shhhh...I think she detonates bombs for the bomb squad!
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