I think I just ruined pacifiers for Cory and Mandy!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by DammitJanet, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. DammitJanet

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    I am watching McKenzie for the kids right now. Actually Mandy is asleep in the other room and Cory went out with Tony for a little while and I am having some one on one time with the baby.

    Well little one is a fussy one for me but I think that may be because she simply hasnt been around me that much so she really doesnt know me much. She needs to get used to me...you know, my voice, my smell, my way of handling her so that she feels comfortable with being with me.

    Well she was fine for awhile and we played and giggled but then she started fussing. I did the usual but she was just gonna fuss. So I pulled out an old trick because she kept thrusting out her pacifier just to cry at me because she was mad. I went and got a cup of warm water with a bit of karo syrup in it. I dipped her pacifier in it and put it back in her mouth every time she spit it out and low and behold...she kept it in! Then she started to suck on it then spit it out and sit there to wait for me to clean it and give it back...quietly! LOL. Now she is sound asleep with her sweet pacifier in her mouth...lmao. They are gonna kill me.
  2. donna723

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    :likeit: I wouldn't tell them! Let them think that you have some magical grandma powers for calming a fussy baby!
  3. AnnieO

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    Magic Grammy. YES. And no, do NOT tell them! Till she's about 15...
  4. buddy

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    Normally, I wouldn't say keep secrets from parents, but I kind of like the idea of them thinking you are a magical grandma.... yes, I think I like that a lot.
  5. Hound dog

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    I learned to dip easy child's binky in sugar (just the very tip) when she'd spit it out.........let's just say she didn't spit it out very much even in the beginning. lol

    Some of that spitting it out thing I think is the way some of them are made too. You know those what are they.......um NUK I think ones that have the slant? Now how is a baby supposed to keep that in their mouth? And what did my girls buy every darn time? NUK. ugh Gerber made one for years that has a little bulb on the tip that prevents the binky from falling out of the mouth easily if the baby doses off. Those work wonderfully and are my favs.

    Speaking of binky's magic grandma you, I just found one of Aubrey's old ones in my dresser drawer. I think I'd tucked it away when we Nichole decided no more and Nana wasn't going to listen to a screaming baby all day. lol
  6. DammitJanet

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    Yeah these are nuks. I dont know if you can even find the old pacifiers anymore. I will look. We didnt use them with Keyana or any of my boys. They used thumbs. LOL.
  7. buddy

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    One of my nieces got super attached to ONE pacifier, I remember we bought the exact same crazy brand you couldn't find anywhere, and it didn't matter, that went on for months, but eventually she got used to different ones. then they kept disappearing... My sister used to boil them.. LOL, we had to pull the crib out one time for some reason and on the wall behind? binkies.... the nipples stuck to the wall like those wacky wall walkers. I really did pee my pants laughing. She had boiled those nipples so much they were just really sticky. OMG, that was her first baby. she learned as we all do. LOL. still makes me laugh...so gross
  8. susiestar

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    actually it is easier for them to keep nuks in their mouths. the ones iwth the bulbs fight the way their mouths are built and the way their tongues work when they swallow. A pedi orthodontist showed me with a model of the mouth of a baby.

    The type or paci they like is very individual. I have no problem finding nuks or the other kind. the problem with the old kind, one of the reasons they are not around as much, is that if they use it for years then it can affect how their teeth grow. Thumbs actually are better for that. Or so they say now.

    I had to laugh about the paci's on the wall, buddy. Reminds me of the totally HORRIFIED look on husband's face when he was looking at the stuff from the baby shower back when we were preg with Wiz. (yes, WE were preg - I am so mean when preg that it is a shared experience, lol) He had a nipple brush in his hand and his eyes were huge and he felt the bristle and looked at me and seemed so horrified. I asked what was hte matter. He said he was glad he wasn't the mom because that brush was going to HURt when I used it. And why did I need a special brush? Couldn't I just use soap in the shower?

    My mom was with us and we laughed for almost half an hour. One of us would stop and then we would look at each other and just crack up again. Once husband realized that it was for bottles, he laughed too. But he was REALLY worried at first, and then really worried because at first he though I was crying at the though of using it!
  9. skeeter

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    Plead the fifth.

    I found a type (ok, 20 years ago) that glowed in the dark. That way when NL "hooked" it out of his mouth I could find it. I kept one of them in his "baby box" for memory sake. He was tongue tied, and he could do this thing with it where he spun it like a propeller.
  10. buddy

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    ROFL ...Brush for scrubbing nipples ..... whole 'nother internet board ....hahaha. these stories are funny
  11. DammitJanet

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    LOL...last year at the fair, they were selling them that had LED lights in them and I bought a set for Mikey. He was all lit up like a Xmas tree.
  12. susiestar

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    I used to dip them in sprite. With Jess if she was super fussy I dipped it in Hersheys syrup. Just the very tip, but it worked.

    Have you seen the ones you put medicine in? They are an interesting idea, but I wonder what you do if the kid hates the taste and won't keep in in her mouth? Then what do you do? I also wonder how long it takes the kid to get all of the medicine. Do you time the next dose from when you start giving her the paci or from when it is empty?

    husband wanted to make a paci that was a whistle. As the baby used it they would make it whistle. Then I pointed out how much air the child would swallow and how much they cry when they ahve a tummy ache. he stopped pushing that idea.

    Our much beloved Freckles used to steal Jessie's pacifiers. It is VERY strange to look over and find your cat chewing on the tip of the paci.