I Think I'm Just Done....

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by DaisyFace, May 20, 2009.

  1. DaisyFace

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    I really don't know whether to post again or not....but sometimes if I clear my head by venting it's easier to get on with my day.

    You all know that I've been so upset at all the stealing and sneaking and lying--and I'm overwhelmed because I am trying to watch my kids like a hawk AND take on all this extra freelance work....and I'm really struggling.

    Yesterday was, I think....the last straw.

    When the kids arrived home from school--I still had a couple of thing that I had to finish. No more than 30 minutes worth of work. I asked them if they couold please play nicely while I finished up.

    They went outside to throw a football--next thing I know...they're gone!

    We live on an acre of land surrounded by woods...acres and acres of woods. When husband arrived home (shortly after they vanished) we went outside and screamed into the woods--yelling their names as loud as we could.


    There's no hang-outs near us--no 7-11, no mini mart....but there is a new housing development a little ways down the road. So husband got in his car and went to drive around the development. He drove along the woods.


    Finally, on his way back the other direction he sees them coming out of a trailer park.


    Where were you?

    O, says difficult child, my friend stopped by, so we left.

    This is the same reasoning she has used in the past: If somebody she knows pulls their car over, get in. We're just going to their house. No biggie.

    And now my son thinks his big sister is the coolest ever cause he got to go along this time....

    And Mom's a b**** because she's upset about it.

    But maybe I'm not upset about it? Maybe I am tired of playing prison warden, counter-intelligence games and spy-vs-spy.

    Maybe they can just go and do whatever the h*** they want.

    After all, they will anyway.....

    What do I care? I only end up getting myself all upset and worked up...and really, it is "no biggie".

    A friend stopped by, so they left.

    Sounds about right to me.


  2. crazymama30

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    Hugs. It gets really hard always being the bad guy. Even if we are really not too bad, our kids see us a big bad huge meanie. It is not ok to take off and not let an adult know where you are going. You did the right thing. Some days I think we all want to give up. I was there last week.
  3. klmno

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    You know what I nnoticed about my son- if I said something like "please behave well so I can go take care of this" he took that as "Mom's going to be busy so I can sneak and do...(whatever)".

  4. daralex

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    Invest in an electric fence and a few dog collars!

    Seriously - I'm right there with you!! (((HUGS)))

  5. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    I don't know if this will solve your problem but it certainly made a dent with us.

    DUde - NOTORIOUS I AM A GROWN BOY......would leave without a word. No note (except the one run away note scratched on a wood board busted from under his mattress with a red ink pen he has stashed for self-tattoing) no warning - sometimes out of the bedroom window never said goodbye.

    We called the police and reported him MISSING.....a potential runaway. Told the cop that he was always leaving, we have rules and the kid won't listen would they please help?

    They DID. (rare) but yes - THEY DID - they did a complete runaway report - went to friends houses - and when they found him brought him home, chewed him out on our lawn for not listening to parents, wasting departments precious resouces, if they saw him out again - and NOW they would be looking - they woudl just take him to Department of Juvenile Justice as a runaway.

    We also lived near next to nothing.....but the look on his face when not ONE but TWO deputies pulled up in our drive, got him out of the car and spoke to him about the dangers, what happens to little kids who run away - what happens to little kids who are snatched - and how you can die?

    It helped. For a while - but after that our rule was......IF I CAN'T FIND YOU I will assume someone kidnapped you OR you ran away and I will call the police AND they WILL go to ALL YOUR FRIENDS HOUSES and drive around and talk to ALL the kids -even the ones you do not like.....

    MWAH HA HA.......

    or.....what Daralex said - lol