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    I got home so fast from Cleveland. I had such a good weekend. My doxie (the one in my avatar) won't let me out of her sight. If I go anywhere in the short time I have been home she is almost connected to me. Two of the cats are camped out on my desk.

    husband was so funny. He was just finishing cutting the lawn when I drove in. He told me I was home too soon he was trying to get the house cleaned up before I got here. He is so cute sometimes.

    I can't wait until we can do something like this again in hopes to meet more people and continue the friendships gained this time.
  2. Star*

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    MCITH -

    I am SO GLAD I got to talk to you on the phone!!!!!! I had to chuckle when you said husband was trying to get things done for YOU!!! And the doxie and cats are glued to you! That would make me feel good too!!!!!;) Sorry about the state mixup - I may have flunked geography - I knew it was an I state - lol. I think you are very very brave for driving all that way alone - next time since you like to drive - you can swing by and get me - lol. I'm only like 1298 miles away - (you know a short trip) and I can just talk and talk and talk until we get there. :tongue: It was so cool to finally see the reunion pictures and finally put a face with a voice - and such a beautiful face you have!!!!!! I'm glad - I was tired of seeing Dr. Seuss' cat in the hat when I'd think of you - lol.

    Glad to see you are home and well appreciated, missed and loved!

    Hugs & Love -
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    Beth, glad you made it home safely and the animals (and husband) were happy to see you. Jana said Prissy (my Yorkie) spent Saturday crying for me. She also will not leave my side right now.
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    Glad you made it home safely Beth. :) Did you enjoy the zoo??

    Sweet of husband to try to do something nice to surprise you. And my furbabies are fairly glued to me as well. lol I don't think they like a house without Mommy in it. ;)

    Oh.....and speaking of glued......Aubrey would not leave my lap tonight. Nana's aren't supposed to have vacations. :rofl:
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    What a nice reception home! It was so nice to meet you. I hope we can all gather again next year!