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Dylan goes into the Residential Treatment Facility (RTF) on Monday. This is his last weekend with us for a while :frown:

He had his physical yesterday. That was interesting. His family doctor, who has seen him since age 2, is on vacation, so we got another doctor. She was clueless. I told her he was going into an Residential Treatment Facility (RTF). She wanted to know why, was really snippy at first, then over time loosened up a bit. He's healthy, although his weight keeps going up, even after discontinuing the Abilify, and he is a whopping 130 pounds. He's under height for his age, so, I'm telling you, he's enormous. Everything else was good.

All the forms are filled out. He's been to the dentist for his 6 month cleaning. Physical is done. Eyeglass test was done, and a new set of glasses are ready. All scripts are filled. Got a new script for Flonase, filled that today. Have the weekend to buy clothing he needs and pack.

I'm really thinking of asking for a medication wash. His thyroid is crazy with the Lithium. The weight gain is unbelievable, and for whatever reason, the medications just aren't doing it. He's at 1050 mg. At 10 years old lol. It's just unbelievable.

He is becoming increasingly aggressive, loud, manic, hyperactive and his impulsivity is out of this world. I can't even relate to you here how incredibly wound up he is. He is still not defiant (I, myself, just can't friggin believe it), but he is definately emotionally out of control.

I don't know how much I'll be on, I try to check in a couple of times a week, but wanted to update. Hope everyone is well. Will keep you updated as I know how he's doing.


Janna,good thoughts that this Residential Treatment Facility (RTF) brings out the best in Dylan.I'm sorry to hear of his increased mania and impulsiveness after such a good run with the Lithium/ Abilify combo.That must be incredibly frustrating!

Please keep us posted on Dylan's progress. Hugs to you; your family has really been through alot of changes lately.

Have you heard anything yet from the job you interviewed for?


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Sending you good thoughts. My heart aches for you and your family, but hopefully this will be a positive step for your boy.

I have to say I'm also completely impressed that he's not being defiant - that was always thank you's first move when the emotions got bumped out of whack.

I hope you have a good weekend and that the move goes smoothly. Take good care of yourself. You'll be in my thoughts.


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It sounds like everthing is ready. It seems like you've picked a goood time to send him as he sounds as if things are really beginning to fall apart. I am glad, however, that he is not being agressive. Agression can be a problem in my household. He is certainly in the right setting for a medication wash. How does he feel about going into an Residential Treatment Facility (RTF)? Will you be seeing him on the weekends? I'm totally impressed you were able to find a program and an opening so quickly....How long is the typical stay? Is there a school within the Residential Treatment Facility (RTF) or will he attend public school.

sorry so many questions---Sending hugs---Hope you have a nice weekend.


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I have been thinking of you guy's! I do hope this helps. You are an amazing Mom. As a newbie to all of this I admire your strength and knowledge for your boys.

Try to enjoy the weekend...

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Sounds like you are as prepared as you can be.

I think you're right, this might be the perfect opportunity for a complete medication wash. I've been worried about his lithium and thyroid for a while.

I hope this is a positive step for Dylan. Keep us updated.


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Your efficiency at this tumultuous time astounds me . . . or is this how you are surviving?

I pray that this placement helps your difficult child find his "balance", the skills, the medication wash & such that he needs.

Take care - keep us updated.


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Linda, I think I'm diving into it to keep my head preoccupied. If I sit and think too much, I get too depressed. I've had several crying spells that have led to me getting very physically sick, so I just do what needs done and keep my head straight. SO is taking Monday off work to come with us for the admission, so once Dylan is in, I'm sure I'll break down.

Jannie, the placement is voluntary (only way I'd put him in), and it's residential. 8-10 months, he will live in a home with 8 other children, share a room with 2 others (all boys). The homes are well equipped, neat as a pin, I was impressed. Privelages are given, like the big screen tv, video games, etc. He will help cook, learn to do his own laundry (one thing he doesn't do here, my own Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) issues lol), and such. He will go to school there, enrolled in the same intervention unit that handles his schooling, ironically, he has the same team leader (we are only 15 minutes from the Residential Treatment Facility (RTF), same school district). He will work under his current IEP. It's intensive. They have theraputic riding (horses), horticultural therapy (greenhouse/garden), pet therapy (dogs/hamsters/cats), art, music, dance therapy. Individual, group and family counseling weekly. Psychiatrist on staff who will take care of medications. Hmm is that all you asked me? LOL! Sorry, my memory = bad.

I spent about 4 hours typing up a narrative of Dylan's history. Every psychiatric evaluation he's ever had is copied. Dental records, physical records, blood draws from the hospital, all copied. The neuropsychologist report, which I still chuckle at, copied. I wonder sometimes if he isn't fully Autistic, and the Bipolar is just there because of the raging. Then I see him manic, lol. I keep remembering the boardwalk at the beach two weeks ago, and Dylan dancing like a ballerina, 2 full blocks ahead of me, everyone staring at him like he was insane, and him totally not hearing me because he was in his own tiny little world. Yeah ~ sigh.


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Janna, sounds like you have all bases covered. Sigh, except that mommy heart. Can't cover that one, huh? I will be thinking of you and your Dylan on Monday. HUGS!


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just want to say I am so proud of you. you are a wonderful mother. loving so much! God bless this journey with peace and productivity.


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Janna, let Dylan transition to the new place then suggest the medication wash. We did that when Rob was at his Residential Treatment Center (RTC) because I wanted a baseline. I figured with the 24/7 supervision it was the safest place for this to happen and it did work out well. In Rob's case he did better off medications so they kept him off but he was a lot older than Dylan. I would hope that this place would be amenable to trying it with Dylan since his current protocol isn't successful.

Dylan is a very brave boy to know this is coming and not be completely freaking out. My hat is off to him.



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Thank you, Suz. I think you're right, and that's the best way to do it. We had to discontinue his current psychiatrist, he was actually "sucessfully discharged" so he could see the new psychiatrist at the Residential Treatment Facility (RTF). Our insurance won't allow him to have two. So, right now, he's in between, with no psychiatric care. I'm not crazy enough to stop anything at the moment LOL!

Dylan knows he's going. I told him well before the tour. We looked the place over online together. We did the full tour together. He is anxious. He is nervous. He is scared. Rightfully so. I tried to do this with difficult child 2 and it turned into a 5 year nightmare. The nice thing about this for Dylan, is I learned valuable lessons. NOTHING will be given to anyone. This placement is voluntary. There is no CPS. There is no giving up any custody. There is no "theraputic" child care afterward. None of that. I don't know that Dylan fully understands this.

He is going because he has no choice, and he knows this. Again, he's not defiant. He trusts me, sometimes too much lol, to make the good calls for him. He's a really special child. I'm telling you, if you met him, you'd fall in love (as long as he wasn't raging).

He got in trouble again at camp today. Another meltdown. A 3 year old kid wouldn't give him a ball. LOL! So, he froze up for about an hour and a half. He's raging some here at home over stupid stuff, and freezing up everywhere else. He's very, VERY manic.

Poor kid. Thanks again.


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{{{Hugs}}} I've been thinking about you & the boys all day today. I hope the admission goes well and every one's transition is smooth.


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Janna, I know I haven't posted in a while but I want you to know I'll be thinking of you and Dylan tomorrow. I know things will go well for Dylan and your family.

stay strong - you're a warrior mom.