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  1. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    Every morning lately I get the CNN report - I even set it to my home page. And I thought the last few weeks that maybe the news is just unable to report anything good, wholesome, decent - or newsworthy. Instead we are being bombarded with stories like the one attached below - and the one about the people who stuck their kid in the trunk to get the TV home -

    Then it hit me - it's not what CNN chooses to report - This country has just lost it's sensability and all common knowledge seem to have just shot right out the window.

    In the end I guess it just makes MY son blend in more. How's that for a revelation????? :crazy1:

  2. Hound dog

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    Makes you worry the difficult children are taking over.
  3. dreamer

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    I was just saying to husband over morning coffee that it seemed to me the difficult children are rampant and in so many positions of power and authority-----so many cops gone bad, teachers amok and docs and lawyers gone beserk. Well, I know at least local this is true. My own difficult child is starting to look rather meek mild and fine to me. I know I havve not had to complain much about any typical difficult child stuff about her here, becuz she has calmed considerably since I joined here, but she used to be quite wild, but- she still even then could not hold a candle to what our local police, teachers, docs and lawyers are doing. It is a crazy world out there.
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    I know a few times we have had threads running here on watercooler forum where we posted something good for the day.....maybe we should start that again. Our "Good News" thread of the day or somethng? Maybe it would help counteract the bad news stufff. I know several of my recent threads to watercooler have been my difficulty to cope with all the "bad news" sadly far too often the last few months the bad stuff HAS hit home and touched within my circle of people.....so- even when I do not read the news or watch the news, it is still unavoidable for me.
  5. Abbey

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    It took you this long to figure this out Star? ;)

  6. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    I'm sorry - I was stuck on stupid.


    IT IS A CONSPIRACY.....(roflatmyself) to think that MY kids BEHAVES more normal than what is reported? ROFLMAO really.

    Belive me there were days I wanted to PUT him in the trunk of the car - but COME ON!!!!!
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    You mean you cant put kids in trunks? Hmmm...dont tell my kids that because we did and Cory loved it and still wants to ride there...lmao!
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    Uh, are there rules on putting kids in the glove box?