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    Have any of you heard the story about the K9 cop who was married to a nurse and his teenage son died from huffing canned air?

    The story has been mentioned on the site in the past, but I cannot remember when. I have heard the story several times and though it was a good illustration of the dangers of huffing, I still thought the story was at least part fiction. I guess I have heard a lot about huffing because it seemed unbelievable to me that a cop who worked and lived with a drug dog, who was married to a nurse, did not know about huffing. Around here it starts really young and was a giant problem when I was in high school.

    Anyway, I was watching a special about huffing on the A&E show Intervention. Apparently the story about the officer's son dying from huffing is true. It really surprised me. So many of the stories about drug use that I have read are later shown to be hoaxes or greatly exaggerated.

    If you are not aware of huffing, and/or have not talked with your kids about it, I recommend watching the Huffing special on Intervention. It is available online at:


    I cannot imagine how awful it would be to find my child dead. Much less to find him dead because he abused a drug that I didn't even know was a risk to him when I was a cop with a drug dog.

    I admire the way the family is trying to help keep others from going through this the way they did.

    Even if you know about huffing, did you know that many kids as young as 8 have tried it? We have to talk to our kids about huffing even as early as first grade to have a chance to properly protect them! (It hoovers that even first graders have to learn about drug abuse. Just hoovers.)