I thought kids usually grew OUT of asthma...

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    NOT had it get WORSE!

    thank you's allergies and food sensitivities have gotten so much better.

    In the past, very few asthma medications worked for more than a few weeks. MOST didn't work that long. And we gave the preventatives 3-4 months to see if they would help before switching.

    So, he was feeling rotten this am. Actually was really nasty in mouthing off to me. So I made him stop and talk to me. He started crying cause he felt rotten (looked rotten too!)

    We have always had a cat or 2, and he did NOT react to them on the allergy testing. HE also hasn't been near Capn Morgan much. The first week I usually keep them in the bathroom, esp if we have to wait to get into the vet. He was checked at the pound, but I want MY vet to check him.

    thank you has not been in to see the cat too much. And is not coughing or sneezing or wheezing when he comes out. Or when he is in with the cat.

    But, this am, the doctor says he was WHEEZING. He never ever had wheezing at a doctor appointment, even in full blown coughing spasm asthma attack when much younger.

    We are now trying advair, an albuterol inhaler (the nebulizer never helped, but this seems to with a spacer), and some nasal allergy spray (steroid of some kind because NOTHING but benadryl has helped with his allergies. Well, zyrtec knocks him out for a few days at a time, but we may try it anyway.

    SO I am dumbfounded.

    The only thing that helped in the past was a session in the bathroom with the hot water running in the shower for steam.

    Any home remedies or other advice? Cause he sure isn't growing out of this, it is getting worse!

    Thanks a bunch.

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    You probably already know this - but it's not the animal fur we're allergic to it's the dander. See if you can bathe capn in something neutral and see if that helps thank you.

    I would be more than suspicious if thank you is wheezing and hasn't been since you added the Capn. Maybe see if you can house him somewhere else. I have a cat, but I am allergic. I should have lived in a bubble. Out of 350 test scratches I tested positive to 318. I took shots for 10 years. I had no carpet, no dust, no animals until the Shih=Tzu and was fine with them. I outgrew a lot of them - but at the shelter? I can be around all animals all day and someone will bring in a cat and my eyes go to jelly and I can't stop sneezing.

    I had asthma so did Dude - I stopped smoking and we both stopped having asthma and I never smoked around him - it was just on my clothes.

    Haven't had to use an inhaler in years.

    Try the Captain there, captain not test. Maybe?

    Dunno - sorry
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    My son has been having a rough time this past week. We've been nebbing nebbing nebbing but his flow is still bad. He is already on preventative (qvar, nasal steroids, clariton etc). I'm going to have to take him in tomorrow. I DON'T want to do any more medications. His allergies have been a little better that's why I'm not sure why the asthma is so bad. My son too should live in a bubble.
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    I had lifelong allergies but asthma didn't kick in until I was 16. They got worse until I was in my mid 30's, even with allergy treatments.

    I have found with cats that the cat can make a difference. Some I react to much worse than others.

    There's a lot of respiratory gunk going around right now.
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    I'm sorry his asthma is acting up! I remember when we almost had to hospitalize difficult child for his asthma when he was younger. It is the one thing we know runs in his birth family. He seems to have outgrown it though. I hope he is feeling better soon.
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    SO had asthma when he was younger - but seemed to grow out of it. We are pretty sure it kicked back in again with a vengance when one day we went to the animal shelter, but no one knows for sure. It was the only place we had been that day, plus he was severely allergic to my dalmation. Just petting her would bring up welts on his hand/arm. Any contact with a cat is devistating to him - he will go into an attack instantly - and we have a problem because he doesn't weeze with his attacks - his throat just slammed shut.

    We have done the gamit of asthma medications and inhalers - he does take singular daily and that was supposed to be some kind of miracle drug with no side effects but didn't work for him, but know of others who managed to get rid of all inhalers and just take that one little pill.

    The key to his NOT going to the hospital every three or four weeks with an attack was a simple dose of magnesium every day - They used it a while ago as a last ditch effort to keep him from going on life support - they just shot it into the IV and it was absolutely amazing in just two minutes you would never know he had an attack. The doctor says it doesn't work for everyone, but I will tell you he has not been in the hospital for almost a year. We just buy over the counter pills - doctor says it would be the same as if you had a RX.

    One thing I have been trying to get them to look into is if he has Voice Box Dysfunction which mimics an asthma attack and information I have looked at says that many people who go to the hospital with so called asthma attacks atually have this. We were trying to get him into a hospital in Colorado which specializes in this, his doctor referred him, but medi cal wouldn't pay for it. The doctor did think that being intibutated so many times damaged his.

    Its funny, cause if he takes a hot shower, and there is a lot of steam, he weezes like no ones business.